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I am new to this...need help in choosing the best camera...

I have narrowed it down to 3 cameras all of different makes and models. I really don't know alot about cameras in general, however I am looking for one that is durable, of good quality and has some nice features.

1. Cannon SD 600 6.0 Mega Pixels

2. Pentax Optio A10 8.0 Mega Pixels

I don't know alot about this make? Is it any good? I did read on here that the LCD cracks easy?

3. Sony DSC W70 7.2 Mega Pixels

Are Sonycameras any good? One negative aspect to this camera I have read is where you plug it in to charge the battery the little drop down flap breaks easy?

Any response would be greatly appreciated...


I am looking for a camera that is in the $300-350 CDN range. One that takes decent pictures inside as well as outside.I don't want a camera that is blurry or takes crappy pictures inside.

Basically a great compact camera for a beginner. I hope this extra info helps...

Again any information is greatly appreciated...

Thanks Again!!! :-)

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I'd avoid the Pentax Optio. Check here and over at DC Resource for reviews of the SD600 and the Sony W series.
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"...need help in choosing the best camera..."

We get this a lot...

"...is durable, of good quality and has some nice features. "



You didn't really give us a lot to go on, other than the fact you read some reviews and picked three cameras. Give us something to go on...does the camera have to fit in your pocket, or doesn't that matter...does it have to cost less than $300, or are you flexible...will you be taking mostly pictures of family members inside, or do you plan on snapping wildlife outdoors?

There isn't one "best" camera. Every one has different features...for example, if you want to take pictures of birds, you will need a powerful zoom lens. If you want to take pictures of your coin collection, you'll want a great macro mode. If you will be taking pictures mostly in low light conditions, such as inside your house, you'll want a camera that functions well in that area...most don't.

C'mon back with some detail, kali.

the Hun

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I agree with flipped gazelle-

Narrow the field a bit, and eliminate the Pentax A-70.

Itcould be that camera size is an issue for you, kali, as both the SD 600 and the W-70 are small cameras. Please keep in mind that, unfortunately, a lot of the smaller or ultra small cameras do get dropped each year. Drops are usually fatal to a digital camera. Therefore, be sure that you use a wrist strap when using a small camera such as the SD-600 and the W-70. It is cheap insurance, and can save what otherwise might be a really bad day.

If you tell us a bit more info, as Rinnie has asked for, kali, we can be more specific in our answers. Thanks!

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