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We use a Canon 1DS MK2, here at work and so Im used to good quality pics using the RAW format. Are there any non SLR digital cameras that use the RAW format, ideally something that is compact.

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I know the Olympus Sp-500 allows you to use Raw format.

It's fairly compact for an ultra-zoom.
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One of the EASIEST (butdefinitely not inclusive) ways to find which cameras support RAW is to go here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/compare.asp

Near the bottom of the page choose "Uncompressed Format" and choose RAW. A list of cameras will appear.

I wish all review sites had a similar lookup matrix ... it would make choosing cameras by feature so much easier!

Oh, on edit, almost forgot ... be sure to choose several features (such as compact size, etc) to narrow the results list, otherwise it only shows 10 cameras.

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The RAW format is also available with the compact Olympus models SP350, SP310, and the C7000. It is also available in the larger models C7070 & C8080.
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Several of the "high end" Canon PowerShot cameras have RAW. Or you could get the Canon 350D, which is a very compact dSLR. That way you could borrow lenses from work. :-)
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skyline65 wrote:
Are there any non SLR digital cameras that use the RAW format...
There's quite many non-SLRs with RAW but their usefulnes is entirely other thing because most cameras don't have necessary buffer so unless you want to wait after every shot there's not so much candidates.

Would it be used as pocket camera always with you or would it be for general photography when you don't want to drag DLSR?

For "non pocketable" general photography camera KonicaMinolta A2 (28-200mm) would be one of the best, neither you would be left missing manual controls when compared to DSLR.
After latest firmware update it's propably one of the fastest non-SLR cameras when using RAW.
Finding one just might be quite hard because that model was discontinued really prematurely (low end DSLRs growing up from every crack of tarmac were easier to sell because of always ready "SLR-parish" yelling their "absolute truth") and I'm not entirely sure is dumbed down successor A200 equally good with RAW.
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The Canon S70, Fuji F810, Fuji E900 and Panasonic LX1 are some that come to mind . They all have wide angle capability as well as raw, but the Fujis aren't as wide as the S70 and LX1. Unfortunately Canon dropped raw from the S80. The Panasonic and Fuji raw converters are poor, but if you have Photoshop CS2 that isn't a problem if Adobe has supplied conversion for them. The F810 has the good 6Mp sensor but they don't provide the same ISO capabilities as the F10 – too bad. The Fuji E900 has raw as well, but their 9Mp sensor has more noise than the 6Mp. Not as noisy as the LX1 though.

The Canon G6 is probably the best of the lot, but it is larger. The G6 buffers raw shots and is quick until you fill the buffer with 4 raw shots. The G6 has a faster lens but no wide angle. It is still listed as a compact and might suit your size needs.

The Panasonic LX1 is the smallest of the lot and has true mechanical stabilization to allow you to shoot at lower ISO and avoid the noise to some degree. They seem to be thinking that HDTV and wider computer screens will become standard, so they have an odd format for full resolution.

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