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G'day John

By your ref to 'the barrel' I presume you're meaning this little fella ...

Okay - the little 'flower' setting on the upper command dial activates close-focussing abilities via the scenes menu ~ and I do not have any info as to in-camera settings that might be brought into play via this setting

I have always used the 'barrel' AF-macro switch, which allows focussing closer than the normal AF mode [stopping at about 1/2-metre]

Using the camera in this mode does several things - but the main one is that as you zoom out, the closest focus distance moves out as well

Guessing a bit here ...
1x close focus is 5cm / 2"
10x focus is 900cm / 36"
20x focus is 1200cm / 48"

What it does mean is that you [we] can get great closeups of flowers, insects & small animals at 20x zoom [500mm lens equivalent] some 1,2m from the subject without having to go to lots of trouble

But - because the macro close-focus distance moves during zooming is also its downfall, so comes the advantage of the close up lens to do the close focussing for us. With such a lens in use, and using 'normal zoom' we can position ourselves 1/3m [+3 lens] or 1/2m [+2 lens] from a subject and then use all the zoom range to pull in the subject in the usual way

Hope this helps
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Hi Phil,
OK. Well, I've been assuming all along that we're discussing the macro setting on the circular dial. I did realize that there's a difference between the two, but have never been quite sure what it is. I'm going to have to explore what you've said, and see how it applies.
Thanks again,
.... john
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