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Default ready to buy

Hi everyone,

I've been reading countless reviews and finding out all that I can and pretty much succeeded in deciding on which camera, but now that I'm ready to push the button I'm pannicking!

I've compared the Canon Xsi, Nikon D5000 and the Olympus e620 primarily. At first I thought it was the Nikon but the recall scares me some. Then I went to the Camera shop where the Canon and Olympus actually felt better in my hands. Love the swivel screen and price on the Olympus.

This is my first ever dslr coming from a superzoom point and shoot Panasonic DMC fz28. Love this camera but am steadily learning a lot about photography and cameras and know i want more.

I checked on the Nikon D90 and the Olympus E30 as well but feel they may be a little 'too' much for a beginner.

I'll be taking primarily pictures of kids and family with some scenery and outdoor stuff like camping and flowers. Tend to like people pictures the most but want my photosto capture moments I will never get back in
the most beautiful way possible. I've lost 2 little babies one a still-birth and one lived until 9 days with a chromosonal abnormality. The pictures of them are what I have of them, I wish I had more I wish I had better, so I really am driven to learn. I have 2 living children 7 and 10 and I don't want to miss a thing.

Anyway, I'd love to hear thoughts and recommendations as well as what I might need to get in addition to what ever I decide on. The e620 kit with 2 lenses seems to be the best bargain for me at this point.

Thanks in advance for any responses, this seems like a very friendly and informative place.

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The Canon has the best autofocus system for sports/action. You didn't mention that in you list of things you want to shoot, but with young children, I don't know how you could avoid it. Also, the Canon 18-55 IS kit lens is the best of the bunch you're looking at.
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Hi Kristy, I'm the first so I'll get my two cents in before the stampede. Of the three cameras you mention, I personally would go with Canon or Nikon over Olympus, or even what I own, a Sony. The reason is simple to me. Availability of lenses and other peripheral equipment is much better with the "Big two". Canon seems to have very good high ISO performance when compred to Olympus and Sony, not sure about Nikon. Also, the Nikon D5000 body has no focus motor, so to get AF, you will need to use AF-S Nikkors, or Sigma HSM lenses. Not sure what Tamron calls it, but they have them also.

Having said all that, if you think that the "kit" lenses will do everything you want them to, then it really doesn't matter which camera you go with. They are all excellent. Hope I helped more than confused


TCav beat me to it!
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If you plan to shoot your kids in sporting events, etc, in the future. then I wholeheartedly agree the canon/nikon gives you the most proven system, as well as fast medium telephoto lenses at a reasonable cost (something you can't get elsewhere). the canon t1i would be a great choice here as it has great overall image quality, iso 3200, 4 levels of noise reduction options, and gives you the ability to shoot a hd movie if the opportunity arises.

if you stick mostly to scenery, and family events, and stay out of the sports arena. then the olympus e-620 you mentioned really has a ton of great features (similar feature set as many much more expensive priced cameras) as well as a great jpeg engine requiring minimal post-processing.

depending on your expected needs, either would server you quite well.

pentax kx, sony 500/550 are also 2 good choices not previously mentioned.
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