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mbotumbo Sep 19, 2005 9:54 AM

I already have an EF 80-200 1:4.5-5.6 and a 28-80 that came with my film rebel. Is it worth the extra money to get the lens that comes with the digital rebels, or not?



amicah22 Sep 19, 2005 9:15 PM

If you used the 28mm end of your rebel kit lense alot it is worth ketting the xt kit lense, if not you will be happy with what you have already.

Rotti123 Sep 20, 2005 9:21 AM

I would just stick with what you have.

PeterP Sep 20, 2005 10:04 AM

On your new dRebel the lenses you have now effectively become a
44.8mm-128mm and a 128mm-320mm. (dRebel is a 1.6x camera)
If you did not use the old wide 28mm end you should not need another lens.
If you did then look fof something starting at the 17mm or 18mm end.

The cheapest EF-s kit lens works, but it is very low end construction.


[email protected] Sep 20, 2005 6:10 PM

You could look at a tamron or sigma wide angle lens, as they are both very good quality lens manufacturers that have lenses meeting the price point and quality of the XT.

Getting a $1000 "L" lens for an XT would be overkill, but certainly a Tamron or Sigma in the $300-500 range is a nice compliment.

I agree with Peter, try to find something with 17mm or 18mm at the wide end.

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