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Old Jan 31, 2006, 10:13 PM   #51
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Well, I ordered the D50 today for a shocking $599.99 at www.adorama.com. That's with the kit lens, too. Amazing price, $7.95 shipping, and it should be here in about a week! I can't wait!
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Old Feb 1, 2006, 6:50 AM   #52
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congrats man!
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Old Feb 6, 2006, 7:32 PM   #53
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I own a Nikon F50 film SLR and lenses 35-80 mm 4-5.6 D & 70-300 mm 4-5.6 G. I had a look at D70s and the grip and the features look good. considering the cost of 70s at HK$ 8000, can some one advise me as to whether its good value for money and also whether i would be able to use my old lenses.both of them are AF Nikkor.

I show here with a pic taken in film recently.the lines are coming from the film scratching against the back door/loop.

thanks in advance.

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Old Feb 25, 2006, 7:40 AM   #54
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Hello! Maybe some of you might get me out of the woods. I have a KM A200 and a M 7i; great cameras, the A200 is 9 months old and 7k+ shots, excellent tool for learning, but last weekend just happened: at a party I had the chance to shot with a digirebel and I was stoned! Fast, responsive, big bodied (rather heavy for what I was used with) and sharp. So I decided I must go for dSLR. But wich one? I never felt the Nikon, and for what I red about, D50 is heavier and bigger than 350xt, but 2 megs lower and with better lenses. I travel a lot so I need someting small, light and sturdy, not easy to break, considering that I am not near gentle with things (thanks lowepro for keeping my A200 in one piece!!!). I mention that I shot everything that is in my sight, friends at parties, ppl on the street, weddins, kids, pets, macro, buildings, sights, cars...
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Old Feb 25, 2006, 7:50 AM   #55
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stefan2door wrote:
So I decided I must go for dSLR. But wich one?
If you can't figure out what might make a better choice by reading through some of the many similar threads discussing entry level DSLR models, I'd start a new thread asking about choices, versus adding on to this existing one.

Make sure you read the reviews here for models you consider, too (paying particular attention to each model's review Conclusion Section, which is the last page in each review before you'll see sample photos.

Then, let others know the conditions you plan on using one in, and where you've run into limitations with your existing cameras for better informed responses.

Of course, make sure to try out the cameras in a store to make sure you are comfortable with one (ergonomics, viewfinder usability, speed of operation, control layout, etc.). Each user will have different preferences in a camera.

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Old Mar 13, 2006, 12:19 PM   #56
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My dilemma:

1. I love trekking and I love landscape photograpy. This and some family portraits will be most of the pictures I'll take.

2. I have a non-digital Canon with two nice lenses, a 28-70 Sigma and a 70-200 Canon.

So, the Nikon body + a new 28-200 Sigma standard quality cost (in Spain, where I live) the same as the 350D/Rebel body (around 700 euros). A grip, which I'd seriously consider to buy, is a 100 euros more.

3. A trekker friend has a Nikon D70. He was very happy with it till, last week, broke the shutter button...

4. Conclusion: If I buy the Canon I have the lenses (and a great camera, for sure). On the other side the Nikon looks to be as great and slightly stronger. I'm quite concerned about the robustness but I'm not sure that the D50 is much stronger than the Rebel XT. (and don't have budget for a better camera)

Can someone help me with this dilemma?

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Old Mar 13, 2006, 4:15 PM   #57
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I would just get the Rebel XT. You've got the glass, so that's the only way to go. Keep it in the case when you're not using it and it should be fine.

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Old Mar 13, 2006, 6:44 PM   #58
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Keep in mind that your lens that starts at 28mm in no longer 28mm with the digital SLR, it's now 45mm, which is not that wide.

If money is thight and you can sell your Canon gears for a good price, then sell it and go for the D50. Otherwise, I'd stick with Canon.

I recently bought the D50, but one of my pet peeve is people saying the RebelXT is not as tough as D50. I've used the XT and I think it's a great camera. If the body was bigger, I would bought it. It was the price of a battery grip I need that made me stay away from it. They are both made with the same material: strong polycarbonate plastic.

So unless you're a photojournalist in Iraq (and if you are you have bigger problems), I wouldn't worry about the body strength. Only the size and outer paint are different. In my opinion, they are equally strong in terms of body strength. If you want a metal (magnesium alloy) body, you have to get the 20D or higher. If it makes you feel better, get the black RebXT.

Good Luck!

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Old Mar 14, 2006, 2:25 AM   #59
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Thanks for the advice.

I'll go for the 350D/Rebel and later on (Christmas maybe) get the grip and a wider lens, some 10-20 or so. And a good camera bag, for sure.
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 7:03 AM   #60
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Cool thred guys, I too have been on the hunt for my first DSLR and from this and all the other discussions and reviews I've read, I think they're really 6 and half a dozen between the D50, Rebel XT. and Oly E-500

I have no brand loyalty (although I've previously had Canon IXUS and Powershot s60 p&s) so brand aside I'm going to go for the best deal I can get on a body and improved lense over the offering in the kit lenses. By the sounds of it the kit lenses have their uses, however I'm swayed by the discussions to drop the kit lense and add the highest quality lense with the most flexibility with the money saved and a little more kicked in....will let you know what deal i swing and how good I think the final set up performs....

bidda bing bidda boom bidda bang!

Brown Dog
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