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Just beginning my search for a new camera and have a few questions... I currently have a Canon S50 and am tired of the lens cover/rebooting problem.

What type of memory card to look for? My S50 has Complact Flash cards, are these cards expected to continue? or is Secure Digital taking over????

I think that 5-6 Megapixels will be enough. I prob wont print anything bigger than a 8x10 anyway.

Lastly, I have read about video good enough for a DVD, well we have a 43" Wide HD TV. Are any of the pocket cameras good enough for pleasant viewing on that size of a TV? If so, what do I look for???

Thanks so much for your responces as I begin my search and reading....

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Mr Baloo wrote:
...am tired of the lens cover/rebooting problem.
Maybe they put Windows CE into it...
Sorry, I have twisted sense of humour. :crazy:

My S50 has Complact Flash cards, are these cards expected to continue?
Limits of current standard enables longer life than that of any other current memory card and interface allows easy expanding so what do you think?
Currently just SD card is used even in cameras where physical size wouldn't limit using technically better and more flexible CF.

So what kind camera you're looking for, other similar pocketable camera or more advanced with good controls?
Your current camera is from more feature rich side of pocket cameras.
Also what kind of targets you would photograph mainly?

And you're right about megapixels, that amount is well enough for that size.

As for video "digicam standard" is now 640x480 at 30fps which is resolution wise quite similar to DVD, of course amount/performance of used video codec affects to it also but it should be considerably higher than what "not so good" old VHS was capable to.
As curiosity some Panasonic's have wide 16:9 video aspect ratio but I don't know do camera's LCD reflect that cropping from down and upper sides (at least optical viewfinders won't), otherwise framing might be harder.
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Thanks ET for the insight...

Looking at getting into a pocketable type camera that can also do good video...since theS50 shootsgreat pictures, looking forsomething that just point and shoots, good video is a plus. compared 2 like pictures on the review site and the S50 has much better color depth than the Panosonic LZ3.

Wanted to spend around $200 but not against spending more to get exactly what I want.

Going to post another topic on the problem with the lens cover with the S50. Not sure what the problem is there....
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Yes the Panasonic TZ1's LCD will crop when you take 16:9 video, so you can frame accurately.
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