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I need a new Digicam and one of the things I'm trying to do is take a lot of pics of myself and my small son together. The self-timer thing on most is pretty bad as I only have 10 secs to get into position and he's a handful as it is. I can't leave him alone and go set up the camera or he'll crawl towards me. So what I'd like is a decent (not top of the line) digicam that is portable for everyday use but can be tripod mounted and includes a remote control to activate the shutter. On my old SLR's, we'd call this a "remote shutter release," but this concept seems to be foreign to the likes of Kodak, Fuji, Canon, etc.

Surfing Best Buy and the local CE stores they don't list ANY cameras I can see that include a remote.

Any recommendations?
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I don't know of any current model digicam that offers a remote shutter release. You may want to consider an aftermarket remote. They are offered in manual type (wired) and wireless, with the manual type being less expensive. Unfortunately, they are usually able to function with the higher end cameras, such as DSLR's. You can use the manual type on any cameras that have a threaded hole in the shutter release, such as your old SLR or some digicams. Here is a manual release that may interest you:


20' long, affordable...now just find a camera for it. Since you mentioned Fuji, I know the S9100 has a threaded shutter release, and it's a very good camera. It also has a hot shoe for mounting an external flash, which should be useful if you plan on taking a lot of indoor shots of the little one. Take a look...


I don't know if that remote is compatible with the S6000...you'd have to call B&H on that one.

Good luck with your search...let us know what you come up with.

the Hun

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Thanks for the reply and tips. I was afraid that would be the answer.

I guess in the age of digicams the feature/demand for remote picture taking is just not there. I looked at a huge array of digicams and decided to pick up a Canon SD870. It has a very good self-timer multi-shot mode that accomplishes what I need. Bascially, I can set it to fire off 10 shots seperated by 10 secs each or something less than that even. The first couple of shots are usually wasted, but it gives me enough time to get him into position and shoot. I do wish I could find a remote however....sometimes I'll get right up by him, just out range, and get him to smile but if the timer doesn't go off in time, I missed it.

I saw a few ads on eBay for 'generic' remote controls. A friend of mine has a Fuji Optio5si and he bought one of thes IR remotes for about $10 from ebay. It can control his little camera just fine. I guess mine just doesn't work that way.

Oh well...I'll make due for a bit. Maybe I can afford something better someday in the future.
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The Sony H7/H9s are shipped with a fairly full featured remote control.
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