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Can anyone recommend a good digital camera for taking pictures of pets? We need one for the Rescue to post pets on pet finder.

Our current camera is a Kodak DC4800 and the pet's eyes look funky using it. They usually have a blue, yellow, or a green and glowing color.

Also the camera is too slow and a lot of our photos look blurred.

Our budget is about $400 shipped with memory card.

i was looking at the Canon SD500 will it do a good job at that?

Thank you,
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Most any digital camera will do well for what you want, although at 7.1mp your file sizes will be large unless you set it for reduced, websize photos. I would, therefore, assume you plan to use it for other photo-taking, not just of Pets for rescue posts, as it is a lot of camera to do only what you stated!

As for the glowing eyes ... usually called "redeye" as in humans that is what is reflected:

Its cause is the flash on the camera being too close to the lens and the light reflecting off the eye's retna back into the lens. Redeye can be reduced by using an off-camera flash, boounce flash, or the redeye reduction setting on the camera which strobes the flash several times causing the pupil to close and thus reducing (and often eliminating)redeye. You could also removeredeye in PhotoShop or several other photo editors.
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