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stevenwright May 14, 2006 4:54 PM

With my limited knowledge of most types of cameras available, I am unsure of which direction to go in order tosolve the biggest trouble I have had shooting sports pix with my existing set-up. I have a Vivitar 3.2MP which has been reliable, has plenty of features, but the slight delay in picture taking once the shutter button has been pressed has caused me to miss some shots.

Likewise, my little Mustek 5300, while an excellent little job with great features and low price, does not capture the image at the same time the shutter sound is heard, or as the quick review feature briefly displays on the lcd, but rather a short time after these events are realized. My favorite shots are race cars and my hand is steady, but I have not had much luck with my current choices.

What I really want is a compact digital, with high optical zoom, (digital has been dissappointing), with a frame capture that is as fast as the button pressed, and hopefully not too much $$$.

Am I asking for too muc?:?

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