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I posted earlier today, but since then I took a trip to the local photo store.

I now know I want a truly "pocketable" digital. I have looked at pretty much every site I could find, and I've compared photo galleries. But my evaluation is limited by my poor, old computer monitor.

I would like recommendations as to the best compact digitals. I've considered the Sony P150, W1 and T1, the Canon SD300, S410 and S500, the Konica G600, and Olympus Verve -- too many choices, I know. I am not price sensitive. I probably don't need a ton of pixels, but if a higher pixel model has better quality, I don't mind spending the money. As long as the camera is comfortably pocketable, my concerns are, first, picture quality (particularly accurate skin tones and color) and, second, ease of use.

Hope I've been specific enough with my requirements.


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Canon S60. Cheaper than the S70 and with full manual override if you want or need it, plus the very considerable advantage of a wide angle lens which for indoor use is most useful. Go to the S70 if you like, but unless you are doing A3 enlargements you will have wasted your money.
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Canon S70 is a good choice but it is more of a compact than an ultra-compact. I think the poster is looking for an ultra-compact that is very small (since he/she says its priority #1).

The problem you'll run into with ultra-compacts is that they generally have worse pic quality and less manual controls. So it's hard to say what is a good camera. For example, if you want accurate skin tones, you would want good white balance (possibly large number of white balance choices, custom white balance, and/or good automatic white balance). But most of the ultra-compacts really don't offer too many choices with respect to control over white balance. Another example is flash. A lot of the ultra-compacts have weak flashes, and in addition may produce red-eye problems (since their flash is so close to the lens).

All ultra-compacts are easy to use and don't really have too many complicated manual controls so don't worry about that when comparing cameras.

As far as colour is concerned, it depends on the brand. Different brands produce colours differently so it's hard to say.

If you really want to stick with ultra-compacts and something very small (as opposed to compacts or something a little bigger) then your choices are the the Sony T1, Canon SD300, and Panasonic DMC-FX7 (among others).

I'm not an expert on ultra-compacts but based on what you are saying, I would go wtih the Canon SD300.... but if you go this route, just know that these cameras have almost no manual controls. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the SD300 doesn't even show the shutter speed or aperature size!
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