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I have a Sony DSLR-A300, but am on the lookout for a wee, ultra-compact digicam to carry in my purse. I'm having shoulder surgery in a little over a week and will be hard-pressed to use my big camera for many weeks afterward. I will die a slow death if I can't take any pictures. My cellphone's camera won't hold me over, either.

I know the newer compact digitals are cramming far too many megapixels into tiny sensors, so I am looking for a recommendation on an older one. From what I read, the sub-6mp cameras are good bets for the best quality, correct?

What models should I look at for the best optics and least noise? I am not concerned about the bells and whistles like face-finder and the like, but do want a camera which lets me choose white balance, use aperture and shutter-priority modes, etc. I know shutter lag will be an issue with any compact.

I read an article last year that pointed to a particular older model as being the go-to for people who know potography. Darned if I can remember which brand it was, let alone which model.

What are your favorites?
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One I've heard mentioned a lot is the Fuji F30. Here's a review on it. I don't know if you will be able to find one though.



Edit - I found some available on Ebay, but you may have to pay as much as a new Fuji for it.
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However, I think you can still find refurbished F20's at Amazon or on Ebay.
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Hey, you know what...It just might have been the F20 I'd read about. Check out the sample shots in the photos at Amazon:


Nice shots even in high ISO's. Hmmm.
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