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Default refurbished nikon d80

is it a good idea to get a refurbished Nikon d80? I'm thinking a 18x200 lens and 2x converter. This will be basically used for portrait & beach shots
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That depends on what you're going to pay for it. ;-)

It may be easier to buy a new camera of some type.

As for a 2x Teleconverter, that's not going to work properly on a lens that dim. You lose 2 stops of light with a 2x TC (meaning only 1/4 the light gets through). So, you probably wouldn't have any Autofocus with one, and even if the camera attempted to focus (if you use a TC that doesn't pass corrected aperture information), it may struggle to focus in all except for optimum lighting. You'll also degrade image quality some with a TC.

It's best to use a TC on a higher quality lens that's significantly brighter than a lens like the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 (i.e., use a lens with f/2.8 available throughout the focal range if you want to use a 2x TC, and even then, you may degrade image quality a bit more than desired, depending on the lens and TC).

If you need a lens with more focal length, it's best to buy a longer lens to begin with.
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In addition to what JimC said, I'd like to mention that the 18-200 won't be very good for portraits anyway, TC or not.
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On refurbished cameras, I am batting 500. A nikon D-50 refurb operated only till the 105th day and then completely failed. Nikon wanted $405.00 to repair the camera I had only paid $385.00 for initially.

My Olympus refurb has been golden and never failed to operate.

My conclusion:refurbs are like going to Las Vegas. They are totally a gamble. You might consider purchasing a Nikon D-40 new with a full one year guarantee. D-40 prices are now at an all time low.

Sarah Joyce
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