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First, I've been using the Canon SD400 for a while (and before that, some of the other S___ cameras from Canon and haven't had a problem and love the small size.

Now, I need to get a digital camera for my 13 year old daughter for sleep away camp. Some features I am thinking I want in it (feel free to correct my misperceptions!):


Along those lines for durability - no moving lens / zoom? I am always afraid of the lens coming in / going out - if it gets bumped, it won't go in / out or at least all the pictures will be out of focus?

Lower cost (closer to $100 than $200)? Itis going to camp - who knows if it'll get lost, banged up, etc.. If it's less expensive, I won't care (as much) if she says it's gone.

Removable memory - she could mail home the memory, we could print some and then send the card and pictures back to her? It's an 8 week sleep away camp

Batteries - AA seem to make more sense - if it's a custom battery (like the SD400 we have), I'd want her to have a spare (we have 3 spares) which adds to the cost / another thing to potentially lose, and if the camera gets trashed and we buy a different camera as a replacement... now we have spare batteries for a camera we don't have!

simple to operate - she knows how to use the SD400 (not sure if that's relatively easy / hard to use compared to other digicams).

What else?!


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For a kid at camp, you might consider the $80 Argus QC5150: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...&CatId=123

IMHO, it is ideally suited for that purpose, takes fair to middlin' photos (from a professional's standpoint), and is somewhat rugged.

There are cheaper and more expensive cameras, but all-around this one is pretty fair for a kid at camp.
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Thanks for your thoughts. After posting the question, I did some looking around and found the HP M23 for $80 from Buy.com.

Is there a way to compare features between 2 cameras on this website? HP is more of a name brand 9to me at least) and I have an aversion to Tiger from maybe years ago selling scholck products / deceptive practices / refurbished items without saying they were refurbished..(has that changed?)
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I also like that they both don't have optical zoom (less moving parts). And steve's doesn't list any argus units in reviews....
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