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perdendosi Nov 24, 2015 5:06 PM

Replace Olympus Stylus 1
Hi Folks--
I'm a former shutterbug, whose photography hobby has been relegated down the list, with other priorities getting in the way.
Anyway, after cycling through a few cameras recently, including a Nikon DSLR, I settled on the Olympus Stylus 1. I loved the relatively long lens, constant f/2.8 lens, better-than-compact sensor, decent performance, manual controls, EVF, and all in a package that can fit in a jacket pocket.

Well, I left the camera in my luggage, and I cracked the LCD screen. Add to this the fact that the EVF has never worked right (I got it reconditioned and didn't send it in in the 90 day warranty window), and the fact that I'm expecting my first child in 3 weeks (:eek:) I'm in need of a new camera.

I think I can replace the Stylus 1 with another used one for about $300, and I'm inclined to do that. (Then I can keep my still-hobbling-along current Stylus 1 as a backup, and the batteries, accessories, etc., will all be cross-compatible). But I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing an obvious competitor.

Better-than-point-and-shoot sensor
Able to fit in a jacket pocket. (I find that I just don't bring/use cameras that are bigger than that)
Fully manual when I need it, but good auto settings when I need to turn on the camera to instantly capture my kid's first smile.
Fast lens for good low-light photography

Decent video
Good wifi (to send pics to a phone, or to the web/Flickr/facebook, or ideally to both)

I'd prefer a lens that's at least as long as the stylus 1's (~300mm), but I realize that the next few years I'm probably going to be taking more low light, shallow depth-of-field pics of my kid than I am of birds far away, so maybe, _maybe_ I'd sacrifice lens length for a faster lens.

I don't really want to spend more than $400, and used is fine.

I've looked at the LUMIX DMC-LX100, which seems to be the competition, but I'm not sure I want to sacrifice the lens length for the lens speed and sensor size. Plus, the Panasonic is still considerably more expensive, even used, than the Olympus.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Oh, and since I feel like there's not lot online about the Stylus 1, here are a few pics I've taken with the camera, most straight from the camera in JPG, just for yuks:

rudimaes Nov 25, 2015 12:14 AM

Excellent pics.
Long reach and pocketable don't go together. Unless you look at a travel zoom like the Panasonic ZS50 (TZ70).
Good in daylight, but less in low light, due to the smaller sensor.
I'd say a mirrorless like the Sony A6000. But with a 18-200mm (27-300mm eq.) zoomlens, it's not pocketable.
A fast zoomlens has the Panasonic FZ300 (25-600mm, F2.8 all the way).
Another compromize is the Canon G1X II. 5x zoom, 24-120mm, F2-F3.9. Larger sensor. But no EVF. (only as an option)
A very good pocketable camera is the Sony RX100 III.

perdendosi Nov 25, 2015 5:47 PM

Thanks Rudi--
I think you've answered my question-- there just isn't a camera that's the same as the Oly. The Panasonic comes close (and was a contender when I was first looking at the Sylus 1), but it is quite a bit larger.

Maybe the Oly has too many compromises -- the lens isn't that long, the IQ isn't DSLR or mirrorless good, the feature set is only middle of the road. And maybe I'll want a camera with a better sensor and higher quality glass to take portraits of my kid, while getting something with a longer lens for travel. But so far I've really enjoyed the Oly, and I actually use it since it can fit in my pocket but also performs considerably better than my camera phone.

I wish the camera just got more love.

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