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Default Replacement for a Canon G11...that style or a superzoom???

Hello my friends!

Years since the last time I wrote here...

I owned a G11 "until yesterday"...fantastic camera for me...I love it...
A year ago, suddenly, the "lens error" appeared....did some queries in my home town...nobody to fix it...so yesterday I put hands on it...everything ok...found some dust/sand in the lens gears...clened them properly...cleaned everything until the barrel ran smooth...after that...time to start re assembling...

I found a broken flex cord...I broke it during the gears cleaning...I'm devastated...that camera means a lot for me...

But anyway, it passed away...

So, besides my budget is very low due to several reasons (Argentina is an economic hell! And we have very high costs in dollars!!!), I want to check wich camera models should be a good option...firstly without considering budget restrictions...after that, I must take that into account...

I have not been checking the "market" to know the "new-wave"...
So, thanking your help and suggestions, it would be great if you can give me advice about which cameras should I consider...

My priority lists when considering a camera should be:
- Image quality
- Build quality
- Fast focus & lens
- Low Light Performance

Besides i'm used to the g11, sometimes I have used some superzooms and I also like them

So, I hear your comments regarding "G11 style" and superzooms

Perhaps it a "too" general (open) question...

That's all...or that is just the kickoff...

I wait for your comments.


Actually shooting a Canon G11

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G'day Eugenio

I know what it feels like to lose "a long loved friend" and I also have lost a favourite camera in the past too.

Your requirements ...
My priority lists when considering a camera should be:
- Image quality ...- Build quality ... - Fast focus & lens ... - Low Light Performance ... - DOF

are quite acceptable, but might be hard to include all into the one camera for a budget price
I think that some compromises are needed - but only you can do the choosing

However, you mention that you are open to considering a superzoom camera ~ and can I suggest a serious look at the Panasonic FZ-300 (330 in some places)

The Leica lens is well recognised as one of the best superzoom lenses on the market
The lens is a "constant aperture zoom lens" meaning that F2,8 at wide angle remains as F2,8 during the zooming operation and out to maximum zoom

The sensor is 12 mpx ~ Panasonic have kept the sensor pixels at a size that noise is vastly reduced when compared with others of much more megapixels

The camera can shoot at 6fps with full auto-focus - is this fast enough for you? and it will shoot up to 100 frames with each shutter depresss. You want more than 100? then just press the shutter button again!

The camera has the usual mechanical shutter from 60 seconds to 1/4000sec and the electronic shutter goes up to 1/16000 sec. Fast enough?

I could offer more but perhaps at the moment this is enough
A reference for you to look up ...

I use the FZ-200 ~ the older brother of the FZ-300, and also the FZ-2500 which is the big-brother to the FZ-300. Lovely cameras, excellent lenses, good exposure systems .... yes, I like them

Any questions - please ask
Hope this helps
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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Sony's RX100 series cameras might be a good choice for you. Their 20MP 1" sensors provide high resolution, low noise, high dynamic range images and their Zeiss lenses are very sharp.
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I found the G11 excellent for macro work, which is one amongst the most reasons I'm getting to hang on to thatfor as long as possible (and, as you say, the majority is good to handle). There are quite few used purchasable on ebay, which is where I got mine a few years ago, and it has been perfect.
Other than that each one you'll do is undergo specs and check out a couple of call at a store . It's quite minefield - there are numerous good compacts around currently.
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Perhaps consider a Canon G1X if you don't mind a little "bulk" ?
A nice large sensor and the MK II gives you a faster lens also...
If too large, one of the Sony RX100 models might suffice...
The sensor's pretty good, the MK III has a faster (but shorter) lens...
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