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A couple of months ago we wanted a new superzoom for wildlife and general use photography. It had to be capable of taking a picture of something small a long way off, e.g. a bird in flight, which meant a long zoom, a sharp lens, and resolution such that you could crop off 90% of the picture and still be left with something sharp and detailed.

However, we didn't something too big and bulky - we'd be going on some quite long treks and whilst we'd want the camera available all the time, we're not professional photographers, and an SLR with a selection of lenses to match a 35-350mm zoom range would be very space-consuming and heavy - as well as expensive for good quality lenses.

Eventually, after much research, we decided on the Nikon 8800. It was small and light enough to be kept in a belt pouch, had an excellent (35-350mm) zoom range, 8MP resolution, and optical image stabalisation, which is always a good idea when you're trying to take pictures at that zoom range without a tripod.

After all, those reports of 'lens error' *must* be isolated incidents. Statisticly, it souldn't happen to me. Nikon wouldn't sell a product which was knowingly faulty... Would they?

There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and Nikon's marketing department.

Anyway, back to Dabs it goes, and they give us a refund. And so on to the contenders...

Another Nikon 8800: May fit the spec, but Never Again.

Panasonic DMC-FZ30: Great camera, but doesn't take CF cards, and I have a 2GB CF card.

Fuji s9500Z: Everything good, except it doesn't have image stabalisation, which seems a pity in a superzoom camera. And it has the least long zoom of the lot (300mm; the rest except the Nikon have 420mm)

Samsung Pro815: Also doesn't have image stabalisation. And a lot heavier than the rest of them, too.

Well. Any comments? Should I absorb the cost of the CF card and get the Panasonic? Is image stabalisation really as essential as all that? Any alternative cameras to suggest? I'm all ears...
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IS only helps nullify your shaking as you hold the camera...it does nothing to stabilize a bird in flight - shutter speed does that.

Don't buy a camera just because you happen to own a memory card that fits - buy the camera you want for all the right reasons...you can always sell the CF card on ebay.

If all of your pics will be taken on bright, sunny days, get the FZ30. If a large percentage may be taken on dark, cloudy days, and/or inside with available light, get the S9500 (youcan add a teleconverter to this camera).

the Hun
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