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Hi there all!

As many others I've b een thinking about replacing my just about a year old Powershot A95 with the new A610.

The change might not be that simple after all because both models have good points and bad points also.

To start with the A95. I have a one very annoying problem with it. When I'm using the flash I get my eyes closed in 95% of the pictures. I've tried different settings with not much of a help.

One other "bad" point on A95. It does have limited video up to 30sec at 640x480 10 fps. A610 is limited to 1 GB clip which is around 8 mins with a better fps than on the A95. I also find the 3x optical zoom on A95 sometimes a limitation. And of course the overall speed in a95 could be much faster. A610 is if not light-years at least one light-year faster because of the digic 2.

When testing the A610 I found out that my eyes stay open in 99% of the pictures even with auto settings. On the other hand the A610 might have a bit more red eye prob, but hey it's much simpler to fix those than closed eyes

The bad points in A610 seem to be the cheaper design? The cam seems to be much more plastic than the A95 model. Not even mentioning the plastic cover over the I/O ports on A610:-/ Also the control buttons on A610 are not so nicely layed and have the plastic feel also.

And of course I have to mention the LCD difference The LCD is bigger on A610 but also has fewer pixels. Just maybe because of that and some other reason the viewing angels are much worse than on the A95. That's a bad drawback to me.
So comments are welcome from the current A95/A610 owners or others planning the same upgrade. Is it really worth it? :?

Is A610 too "plastic" to last? After all the more solid A95 still gives stunning pictures.

ps. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes
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