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lin7604 Jul 18, 2015 5:20 PM

replacing camera
hi everyone. I am replacing my panasonic zs-25 and pentax k-x. I want a smaller camera in size but good like my pentax, something in the middle. I have no idea what has changed in the camera world and what is good now a days? I do prefer something that is good in lower light. suggestions...

rudimaes Jul 19, 2015 1:48 AM

As I suggested on dpreview the Sony RX100 or if you want more zoom, the Panasonic ZS50 (TZ70).
If you wish the same size sensor as in your Pentax k-x, look at the Sony A5100 or A6000 f.i.

pcake Jul 21, 2015 12:23 AM

the A6000, btw, rocks.

SIMON40 Jul 31, 2015 9:27 AM

The RX100 (in all of its guises) is a viable option due to its fast lens (at wide angle) and larger sensor...
If you want a bit more zoom- maybe look at Nikon's P7800 or maybe the Olympus Stylus 1- both with a great degree of manual control (if you want it) and fast lenses with a decent reach... and viewfinders also....

lin7604 Aug 20, 2015 7:11 PM

thanks. i wanted to keep this one affordable 2-300 range. i don't need manual controls at all, simple and easy. just want one in that price range that takes good pictures.

rudimaes Aug 21, 2015 12:38 AM

The Sony WX350 is a good camera in this price range. Or the Panasonic ZS30. A 2013 travel zoom, wich I have and like.

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