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tearscrynomore Aug 14, 2007 9:23 PM

i've going round in circles trying to find a compact camera that does everything i want it to for under £200 (preferably around £150).

i have a kodak v550 but the battery life drives me crazy. i take a huge number of photos and despite two spare batteries i find i'll often be stuck with nothing left before the end of the day.

i want a reasonable amount of manual control as i need to be able to take photos during concerts when the light is bad but the subject is moving. i had a canon before that (i think an a410) but it was too slow and i missed too many photo opprtunities.

i need something fast with a very good battery life, a reasonable amount of control and small enough to fit in my pocket. also a video function with audio is a must.

my best option so far seems to be the sony w55. but im concerned that there is no night mode. and no shutter speed control.

could someone recommend something along those lines?

thank you very much for your help and sorry if this is in the wrong place!

slipe Aug 15, 2007 2:45 AM

There is no magic in manual controls. Long before the shutter speed is too low indoors the aperture is all the way open and the camera is giving you all the shutter speed available for the light. Anything you do to override other than boost the ISO will give you dark pictures. And all cameras let you boost the ISO. If there is enough light to close down the lens some almost all cameras have action scene modes to open it back up and give you the maximum shutter speed available.

You can simulate what you would get by setting the shutter too fast for the available light by just lowering the EV. The pictures will come out dark but it will generate a higher shutter speed.

Basically you can't take pictures when the light is bad and the subject is moving unless you are able to get closer with a large flash attachment. You are going to be disappointed no matter what you get.

The closest you can come would be a Fuji F31 if you can still find one and it falls within your price range. Or maybe an F40 would be cheaper – certainly easier to find. Those cameras let you crank the ISO way up and come away with halfway decent pictures if you don't need large prints. The F40 has no manual controls but it has Sport and Party which should give you the fastest shutter for the light and ISO setting. It also has a night mode.

mtclimber Aug 15, 2007 2:28 PM

Slipe is correct-

I have used the Sony W-55 and it is definitely not a very useable low light environment shooting camera. You would do much better with the Fuji F-20, F-31, or F-40.

Sarah Joyce

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