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I shoot professionally and my favorite tiny "keep in my pocket at all times" camera has gone walkabout in Costa Rica. I need to replace it immediately. Here's the quandry.

The ONLY thing I would like to improve on is an anti-shake feature and more megapixels. I was told at a camera shop that the Pentax Optio S4i was actually manufactured by Casio and that the newer Pentax versions aren't as good. I was warned to avoid the A10. So I looked at the Casio Exslim Z1000. It has lots of cool features and I am very attracted to the manual option..but....with the old Optio, I VERY OFTEN needed to use the little viewfinder when it was too bright to see the LCD screen. Seems like very few of the newer cameras have the view finder. What's with this? I realize the little viewfinder wasn't as accurate as the LCD...but it beats the hell out of seeing nothing at al in bright sunlight.

I'd like to find something that isn't too delicate. I often take my little camera out on dive boats for the upside shots and I'm prone to scrambling over boulders and being horseback with camera in pocket. The Optio S4i never gave me one day of trouble and took all the abuse I dished out.

I'd stay with Pentax but for the camera store's claim about problems, since I own a spare charger and several spare batteries for the Pentax. All opinions will be appreciated!!

I looked at the "best cameras" reviews...but everything is sooo bloody positive...I need some pros vs. cons Thanks in advance for any comments you can offer.
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Since you shoot professionally, I think you would really appreciate the capabilities of the Fuji F30. It doesn't have optical image stabilization, but makes up for that with it's exceptional high ISO performance. Also no viewfinder, but a significantly better LCD than your old Pentax.

Another highly recommedned pocket model is the Canon SD700IS. It doens't have the manual controls you might wish, but produces very consistent quality shots as a fully automatic point and shoot. The image stabilization is a big plus, and it has an optical viewfinder.

The Sony DSC-T9, T10, and T30 all offer similar high quality, also with optical image stabilization, but without the viewfinder.

And If you are shooting mostly outdoors, the Panasonic FX7 or FX01 should also be in the mix.

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