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iberg Jul 28, 2006 2:02 PM

What are the choices? I am in the US. Does anyone know how to get similar quality on, for example, 5x8 using Walmart for 35MM & Snapfish for digital printing?

This is our second foray into digital. The first, at $200 & 2 yrs ago, was only slightly satisfying. The camera got dropped & we've been snapping away with the cracked front glass (I think the lens must be okay) and surviving with only some fuzz on each photo'sbottom left , argh :(

I started at Consumer reports who had an article which recommended CasioZ750, KodakV550, CanonSD450, PanasonicDMC-FX8. I have bought the panny, but am having second thoughts.

This forum seems like a good place to research.

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