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I'm reluctantly replacing my Nikon D100 that I've had for 5 years and looking for another digital SLR. I'd really like my new one to be compatible with a waist level viewfinder (I think this is what they're called) or something that would allow me to hold the camera low and look down through a viewfinder to take a picture.

I have just one Nikon lens - so I could stay with Nikon or go to another company.

Any advice?


PS- oops, that should have been 'replacing'. Sorry for my poor spelling!

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Well, you can get angle finders for most dSLR models. Here's an example of one that fits a wide variety of cameras with the included adapters from a reputable Hong Kong based vendor:


You may also want to consider the Sony A300. It's got a much better live view system compared to most dSLR models, with a separate live view sensor that seens the same image normally projected to the optical viewfinder when in Live View mode, while still using the camera's fast 9 point main AF sensor assembly. It also has a tilting LCD (so you could keep the camera pointing forward shooting from waist level and use the LCD for framing.

It's running $599.99 now with an 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, or you can get a two lens kit with the A300 body, 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 AF lens, and 55-200mm f/4-5.6 AF lens for only $699.99 right now.

Sony DSLR-A300 Kits at sonystyle.com

On the downside, the optical viewfinder is smaller in the Sony A300 compared to the 10MP Sony A200 (which doesn't have live view), in order to make room for the separate live view sensor this model uses.

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The only camera that I can think of that has a waist level viewfinder would be the Sony R-1, which is out of production and difficult to find.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks Sarah. I'm suprised, I thought others would want this functionality as well!
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There are 3 dSLRs that I can find that have 'Live View' on an articulated LCD display that would permit what you want. They are the Sony A300 and A350 and the Olympus E-3.

But as JimC has pointed out, there are angle finders available for most dSLRs. I use one and am very happy withit.But it isn't exactly a waist level viewfinder.

There are also products like the ZIG View (See http://www.zigview.co.uk/) that can add that feature to most dSLRs. Perhaps even your D100!
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I am very happy with the Sony DSLR-A300.

The live view works great and it has saved me a lot of stooping, bending and crawling on the ground. The predictive focusing on action mode has been accurate for me when shooting moving subjects. I also like that it has both 2-second and 10-second self-timers.

Anyone who's used and liked Minolta point-and-shoot cameras should feel comfortable with the Alphas from the get-go. There is enough Minolta DNA in them, the controls feel familiar. I wish some of the modes were available on an external dial, but they have at least put the most frequently used controls on an easily-accessible functions menu. I was comfortable with it within a day of shooting.

I bought the single lens kit which included the 18-70mm zoom, but picked up a Tamron 28-105mm lens this week thanks to a post from Tullio regarding a bargain on Amazon: $39 shipped! It looks like I got the last one at that price, because now the cheapest one is $159.99!
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