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panager Sep 25, 2005 7:37 AM


can anybody tell me, if the pana fz5 has a separate review-button or must I change the mode on the mode-wheel?

tclune Sep 25, 2005 10:23 PM

You can press the "down" portion of the four-position rocker switch on the back to get a review of the image without changing camera mode.

panager Sep 26, 2005 7:23 AM

[img]images/emoticons/cool.gif[/img] tclune

thanks for your answer;

I think of it to buy a fz5. Or is the Kodak P850 a better camera?

tclune Sep 26, 2005 9:15 AM

I don't own either camera. I use an FZ20. In terms of price, the P850 is more of a competitor of the FZ20 than the FZ5. However, trying to find a review of the P850 is almost impossible. As a general rule, Kodak cameras have OK lenses. The Leica on the FZ5 will probably be a better lens. From the specs, the P850 goes up to a 3.7 aperture at max zoom, instead of the 3.3 on the FZ5, which would not excite me (of course, the new FZ30 does the same thing, so obviously not everyone thinks of this as important, including Panasonic!)

One "gotcha" to be aware of on the P850 -- they claim ISO max of 800. If that were true -- and the noise were tolerable at that speed -- this would be a big plus over the 400 max of the FZ5. However, in the fine print, Kodak mentions that 800 is "only available at 1.2 Mpixel!

Kodak color is the kind of thing that you either love or hate. Personally, I set my FZ20 to the "natural" color mode instead of the "vivid" color. If you find yoiurself wishing that the "vivid" colors were bolder and brighter, Kodak may suit your needs better than the FZ5.

One thing that Kodak tends to do very well is make the UI easy for the casual user. I am not suggesting that they slight the experienced user, only that they tend to do a very good job of helping the less sophisticated user take pictures that they will enjoy sharing with their friends and family.

I like Panasonic a lot, so I am trying not to let my personal decisions enter unduly into your evaluation process. The biggest stumbling block you'll face in evaluating the P850 will be finding reviews of it. "Speaklightly" on this forum apparently just got the P850 and has been providing some sample photos and first impressions. Check the "Need help buying first digital camera" thread on this discussion board.

newsshooter Oct 10, 2005 8:27 AM

I own an FZ20 and love it. After shooting most of my life with a film SLR and then with a DSLR, there are some downsides to all EVF big zoom cameras. Still, for convenience, I find myself reaching for it for a lot of simple shots I take. When it comes to ease of use (an all-in-one, fairly speedy shooting camera with good image quality), the FZ20 is hard to beat. The downsides are, I suspect, similar to those of the Kodak. EVFs make it hard to shoot in bright light, there is moderate image noise at 200+ ISO (the Kodak may be better in this area for all I know) and sometimes the images lack the crispness and sharp focus of the DSLRs. Finally, with an aperture that runs 2.8-8.0, the FZ20 isn't great for shooting landscapes. An aperture of 16+ would be nice. But if choosing between the FZ20 and the P850 were something I were going to do (in absence of the noted lack of reviews of the P850), I would want to see some samples. Kodaks are, in general, bad about artifacts in jpeg files (which, thankfully, don't plague the FZ20) due to overcompression. I have shot some Kodak p&s cameras and this seems to be an issue with them all. The Sure, shooting RAW or TIFF will help, but get ready for lengthy shot-to-shot times. My one concern about what, on paper, looks like a great camera (the P850) would be artifacts in images, though I do not know if this common Kodak problem carries over to this model. That said, for the cost and for the convenience, this may be a small price to pay -- if it is a problem at all in this model.

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