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mak155 Apr 12, 2006 6:55 AM

I need some opinions regarding Ricoh Caplio GX8, any body would like to help out?

kassandro Apr 12, 2006 7:22 AM

I have the Ricoh Caplio GX, which has a 5 MP CCD instead of the 8 MP CCD of the GX8. Otherwise both cameras seem to be very much the same. Built quality and ergonomics are very good, but unfortunately image quality is very poor. Actually my Powershot S1 IS with only 3 MP showed considerably more detail than the 5 MP Ricoh GX. My Ricoh GX is the camera with the most noise and the most chromatic aberrations I ever had. After all, what I have heart, the GX8 doesn't really improve on these matters.

mak155 Apr 12, 2006 11:03 AM

since the GX8 has some flaw, what other camera should i get which is similar to the GX8?

kassandro Apr 12, 2006 1:10 PM

You probably want a zoom starting at 28mm, because that feature puts the GX8 out of the crowd. At least for me that was the primary reason to buy my GX. There is now more choice than almost two years ago, when I bought the GX. The Canon S80 jumps into my mind immediately. It has even a 28-100mm zoom and is of similar size. Then there is the unique Kodak V570. It actually has two lenses and two CCDs. One lense has a 23mm focal length. If you can accomodate a larger camera, the Kodak P880 and the Coolpix 8400 are worth to be considered. Their zoom starts at 24mm. I own the CP8400. It is very good at 24 mm, has a powerful flash, a very useful flip out display and a remote control. On the negative side the lense is poor at the 85mm tele end and I find the camera difficult to use. Today I am using this camera only indoors, for close ups and outdoors as a 24 mm supplement for my DSLR. Thus I use this camera almost exclusively at 24 mm. The Kodak P880 doesn't seem to have the problems at the long end. It even has a 24-140mm zoom, but without image stabiliser. It also has a better movie mode. I recently bought a KM A200. As Konica Minolta is leaving the camera business, the price is very nice. You get a lot of bang for your buck. It has a very nice 28-200mm zoom lense with an excellent image stabiliser such that you really can use tele end without getting pictures blurred by shake. It also has the same flip out display as the CP 8400 and a remote control and has a good movie mode. It is also a fast raw shooter. There is only a lag of 2-3 seconds between two raw shots. With a whopping 5 custom modes its ergonomics are outstanding. Finally the A200 like all Konica Minolta cameras is made in your home country, Malaysia. Also for a wide angle an EVF is useful, because unlike with an OVF you can frame the picture exactly with an EVF. The GX8 and the S80 have an OVF, the P880, CP8400 and the A200 have an EVF and the V570 has no viewfinder at all.

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