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laurel99 Jun 7, 2010 10:20 PM

Ricoh CX1 vs CX2
I was originally going to buy the Ricoh CX1 as my pocket camera, but have been rethinking this as I'd like the longer zoom the CX2 has. CX2 is 10.7x, CX1 is 7.1x.

I've read the threads in the Ricoh area, and checked the reviews on the net. It seems people feel the image quality of the CX1 is slightly better. It also seems; however, that the people using the CX2 are happy with the images they are getting.

The longer zoom of the CX2 is important to me... I take pics of birds and wildlife, but I don't want to sacrifice image quality if there is a significant difference.

Thanks for your input!!

mtclimber Jun 7, 2010 11:43 PM


I own the CX1 but not the CX2. I am pleased with the camera. However it has about the same image quality as the Panasonic ZS7 that my husband uses, and that camera has 12X optical zoom (25mm to 300mm). I though it would be better than I found it to be.

Sarah Joyce

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