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I stopped into RITZ today. I asked to look at,



NIKON 8800



Was told by the saleman that KODAK did not make a camera with 12X zoom and IS. When I said I'm sure they do the second salesman behind the counter jumped in and told me I was mistaken. That the P880 was the only camera in the P line from KODAK. He then pulled a DX7590 from the case ( The big label said it was a Z7590 ) and told me this was the longest zoom camera KADAK made. He then went on to tell me I didn't want anything KODAK made that they were years behind.

Then I asked to see the S2IS, I was told that that camera was not in stock but at the warehouse. He then went on to tell me it was a poorly built camera and he would not have one.

Ok may I see the NIKON 88OO I asked. He told they do not stock or warehouse that camera because it's over priced and the slowest camera in the class.

When I asked to see the Sony H! he stopped to tell me about the PANASONIC FZ30. This is the best camera in this class. It has the highest reviews of any camera in all tests. It's the best built, best picture quality, best EVE and LCD of any digital made. The camera is now in my hands and I again ask to see the SONY H1. He tells me he sold the last one the night before and does not think they will have another till the new year.

While I'm looking over the P850, DX7590, and the FZ30 the second salesman goes to help a lady 10 feet away from me. She came in to get the CANON A410 thats listed in the flyer for $199.99. That salesman tells her that the KODAK C310 is a much better camera at the same price and that it comes with a printer you put the camera on. He told her how great KODAK cameras were. He told her that they are so easy to use. He told her the printer was rated as the best in the market today. He told her KODAK cameras are among the best.

The two guys in that store would give their mother to the devil to make a sale. It's to bad they have no idea how to tell if someone knows evan a little bit about what they are saying. I never opened my bag with the P850 and three other cameras in it. I just walked out.

Thats store is located in Chandler Az

PS: Look at RITZ website. You be able to see what cameras are in stock. You'll be able to see if they evan sell some of the cams. Once you do that you'll be able to see a bit more clearly what type of people these two are.

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I used to work as a sales person at Ritz/Wolf camera. However, I am a digital camera nut, and I spend a good fraction of my free time reading sites like Steve's Digicams, dpreview, and dcresource, so I'm not really representative of your average Ritz/Wolf employee... All the cameras we really needed to know were the ones in the catalog we give out, which has what Ritz considers to be the best deals, and the best sellers. We didn't even really have to know about cameras other than the ones up on display (and their close "relatives"), other than to say "Well, let me tell you about this one we have out right here, and why it's better than the one you just asked about".

Also, they make sure a camera sells well before they themselves add it to their selection. If you go there and ask for a just-released lens or camera, chances are they won't have it. Unless, that is, it's a camera that has a lot of hype around it, either because of aggressive marketig by the manufacturer (like the small T-series Sonys) or because it clearly is a very good, capable, and affordable digital camera (like the Fuji E510 and Canon A520). So they probably don't have the P850 yet.

And of COURSE lower-demand items will be at the warehouse. Doesn't that make sense? You can't have everything in every store, and so you choose to not have in every store the cameras and leses that you sell once in a blue moon. And hey, they can deliver it from the warehouse to your house for free in like 3 days, so it's not so bad. The whole time I worked there, I don't think we sold ONE of the higher-end Nikons (5700, 8400, 8700, 8800), because people would either be intimidated by all the controls, or buy an SLR instead. There was an 8400 (or maybe it was an 8700) on display when started there, and it was still there when I left. It might still be there for all I know.

I will tell you this, though: The comission earned by a Ritz/Wolf employee from selling a camera is related to the brand of camera sold. This is because some camera companies offer the store more money for each camera sold (and this gets passed down to the salesperson). Minolta and Kyocera, for example, will effectively pay a salesperson as much as $10 for each camera sold. Nikon is also pretty high up there. Casio does not pay much money, but gives points that go towards watches and cameras. And Canon pays almost nothing - usually less than a dollar. So, except for the obvious top-sellers like the A520, a Ritz/Wolf employee will ALWAYS try to keep you from choosing a Canon over a Nikon (or over anything else). This is true from the compacts to the SLRs. They'll even make up things like "It's poorly built".

And if they just sold out of a camera and have another there which is very similar, of COURSE they'll say that the one they have is the right one, that it's totally not worth waiting for them to get more of the one they ran out of. That's basic good salesmanship.

Yeah, that's the problem with going to a store... People try to sell you stuff and to make money. You can't blame, them, though. :lol:
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I've dealt with 3 different Ritz stores and have had both good and bad experiences. If i run into salesmen like those you have run into i just leave. I'll go back when the salesmen i like are there. These are usally fairly well informed, let you see whatever you want, give you the pros and cons of each and don't push. If i end up buying from ritz i make sure these guys get the sale. by the way, ritz doesn't carry the kodak p850.
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I didn't go in to pull anything on these guys ya know. I just had some time to kill. I wanted to look at a few rigs. I wanted to compare a few things. They didn't evan give me a chance to say anything. They wanted to keep me off balance with bullchit so they could make the sale. They had an answer for everything no matter how far it was from the truth. I just thought it was an experince I'd pass on.

Yep after I got home I looked on their website to see what they stock or not.
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