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I need to find a digital camera for my niece with Down syndrome, and I thought some of you might know of something before I spend hours searching.

I need something fairly rugged, she's not too hard on things but thin plastics or bad battery doors would likely get broken (it's likely to get dropped).

It doesn't need to take great pictures, just decent. She's not going to be taking framing quality pictures anyway, so she doesn't need a camera that will take a perfect 8x10, and if she does eventually we'll get her a better camera, but for now she just needs something that takes a legible picture.

It needs to be fairly simple, but not overly so, as long as it has a good auto setting especially with portraits. It doesn't really need any fancy modes at all, they won't be used. She has an MP3 player (a Zen V) and can use it as far as switching songs and changing the volume, so she'd be fine with turning it on, checking that it is on auto and snapping some pics. She also has a cell phone that she can make call on and use the camera on, so she's not completely unsophisticated. Actually, now that I think about it, she understood how to use that phone quick, so simplicity might not really be an issue, but it'd be nice if the camera wouldn't accidentally be knocked into a mode that would be bad for photos.

It also needs to be relatively cheap, hopefully sub $100. Sometimes she just doesn't understand that if you have a camera or something in a purse or backpack and throw it down the stairs or onto the floor what's inside could be broken.

She loves to take pictures of people, and will burn through regular film disposable cameras in no time, then once you get them developed maybe 1/3 of the pictures are "keepers", but those keepers she will sit and look at for hours. So it gets a little expensive, but if we can just pull the pictures off of the camera and burn them to a DVD it would save quite a bit of money and waste. Then she can just look at those on the TV or computer rather than having boxes of prints that get scattered about.

Thanks for your time.
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