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Frost Nov 21, 2004 2:28 PM

So what do you guys think is better? The S500 has more mega pixels, but is a little bigger and has a smaller LCD. The SD300 is more compact, bigger LCD, smaller size. In terms of image quality, which one is better? Does more mega pixels necessarily mean better? There's also the new DIGIC II on the SD300. CF vs SD? What's better? Also what reason would I want to go from a 4.0 MP to a 5.0 MP, and is the differene really that huge? What's this I hear about purple frindging?

Do you guys find it to be much trouble of having the S500 being a little bit bigger when it comes to portability? (Obviously an SD300 is a no brainer on this one)

Anyone have side by side image quality comparisons of the two cameras?

Also feedback on why you would choose the S500 over the SD300 and vice versa. Thanks! :roll:

smc Nov 23, 2004 9:49 AM

In my opinion the s500 is hands down the winner in the pics department with the sd300. In regards to purple fringing look in the canon section of this forum;forum_id=15

smileypete has some good examples of purple fringing(pf) in pics 63 and 67. At first I thought pf was only a nighti shoot problem where lights have a purple halo around them but this problem was more pervasive than I originally thought.

THe only reason I would get a 5MP over a4MP is if I wanted to crop pics to compose them bettter.

The sd300 is very fast and very small and the images blow away alot of other cameras so it's still an excellent choice.

If pic quality was my main goal Ii would get the s500. If ease of use, speed, great videoand size was my main goal I would get the sd300

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