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JTF Feb 16, 2006 4:35 PM

Looking to purchase a digicam for outdoor/wildlife photo's. have narrowed it done between the Panasonic DMC FZ4 & the Fuji s5200. Any opinions from any one or any owners on which camera to choose. Thanks.

robbo Feb 17, 2006 1:13 AM

I have had an S5200 since last June. It's very good for low light shooting, probably better than the FZ4. It also focuses very fast and has a very short shutter lag, much faster and much shorter than those of its predecessor, the S5100.

From what I have heard, these are the gripes against the S5200.

1. No image stabilization.

2. More expensive memory (xD)

3. Not very good software for RAW image edting. Basically, it just converts the RAW to TIFFs.

If I were going to do mostly bright, daylight shots, I might go for the Panasonic. But I would choose the FZ5, not the FZ4. It isn't a lot more expensive than the S5200 and it has the extra megapixel of resolution (vs. the FZ4)

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