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This is how I feel! Okay, let me cut to the chase:

I want a small camera so I can carry it wherever I go. It needs to take good picture and most of my shots will be indoors at parties, dinners, weddings, etc... I don't care about bells and whistles, I just want a great camera that's 1. small and 2. takes great pics. Here are my findings:

Casio S600: Might be the best choice. 6 mpxl and small! I've only seen the S500 in the states though.

Exilim 750: Someone seriously recommended the S550 and when I read reviews, I thought I should consider this too. Bigger than the S500, but is it worth it?

Panasonic FX9: Really like this one BUT the zooming seems "choppy" (on the FX8, haven't seen the FX9 yet). Why is this?!?! Sure, it makes no difference in the final picutre, but it was a little annoying when trying it out in the store. The zooming didn't seem smooth. Maybe this is fixed in the FX9. This is BIGGER than the S600, so I'm still thinking.

Canon S550: Nice camera, bells and whistles (not that I really care a lot). The 7 mpxl might be nice. This is again, like the FX9, a little bigger camera

Misc: Does anyone have other suggestions? I remember the Optio's a few years ago were so small, but the image quality was questionable. What do you all think?

Thanks a million!


P.S. I'm shooting with a 4 mpxl Nikon 430? now. I love it except its size, and I constantly get RED EYE! I hear it's b/c the flash is too close to the lens. Do any of the above cameras doa significant better job with red eye reduction?
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