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after researching the s9000

almost every other review mentioned dslr was better

i find the price of the d50 and 1st dl in the same range

however which one:Pis preferable

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Now that depends on entirely what you want/need. So start "cataloging" those...
If low light, fast focusing (even to moving target) and long bursts are what you want then dSLR is only option.

As for other aspects and less demanding conditions, here's quite good review considering those.

PS. again if you need ability to take videos dSLRs are out.
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The price may be close for a DSLR and a kit lens, but will quickly add costs when you add lenses. And let me warn you from experience, you will want more lenses... it becomes an addiction :-).Any DSLR will be a better camera in every way except the convenience of all that zoom in one lens. Unless you buy an 18-200 which will give you the same 28-300mm range of the Fuji, but you will sacrifice image quality in forms of distortion. And the low light capabilities and continuous shooting of DSLRs leave any fixed lens camera in the dust. Shooting 3 frames per second is handy no matter what subjects you shoot.

But the Fuji is a fine camera, and I thought heavily about buying one but went for DSLR instead and never looked back. The S9000 is more camera than most will ever need, and I'm sure you'd be happy with it, but if you get a tase of what DSLRs can do it would be hard to give one up.
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Old Feb 4, 2006, 8:48 PM   #4
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As others mentioned, what is important to you? They do different things. Also, what are you coming from?

I really didn't think I wanted a dSLR - I loved the convenience ofmy oldSony F717, my previous camera. So my choices came down to the Fuji 9000and the Panasonic FZ30, and I chose to go with the Panasonic because of it's faster lens, and I thought that the Fuji was very similar in quality when you looked at the raw files. What I hadn't realized is that all those extra pixels come with a price- the Panasonic I got didn't capture as much detail as the Sony, and had less dynamic range. It's not a good camera for flower details. I thought the pictures, while nice, didn't look as good as the Sony's and it really bothered me - major disappointment.

I bought a Pentax *ist DS last week and LOVE it. The picture quality is outstanding, especially compared to the Panasonic. I mainly chose it because I still have all my old manual lenses, so I don't have to buy lots of lenses.

I sold the Panasonic to someone who was replacing a 3 MP camera and thought the FZ30 was wonderful. So it depends on your starting point.

Bottom line is to look at the quality of the photos the camera can take and decide if you will be happy with them. If you will be, then get the one with the features you want (fixed lens vs. carrying extra equipment, movies or not, etc.). My opinion, but it's a waste of money to buy something that won't give you what you want, regardless of cost or features.
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If you get a Pentax *istDL with kit lens (price was just reduced in the US), factor in the price of the PENTAX smc P-DA 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED lens. After the price reduction the longer zoom will almost be a freebie. Total cost will be about $100 more than the S9000 but you now have lenses to cover the same focal lengths as the Fuji. Nikon offers a similar package with the D50 but my experience is with the Pentax, both of these are excellent cameras with the D50 offering a little more speed and featureswhile the Pentax has a better viewfinder and more compatibility with old lenses (this is the Nikon weakness, you can mount older MF lenses but the meter will not work so you must set the exposure by guess or a hand held meter). As DSLRs neither camera will do movie clips.

I believe the S9000 is a great camera, I have an S7000 that I love but, as already stated, once you start using it and learning how to get the most from it a DSLR will produce great images under conditions that the S9000 would be hard pressed to handle. My *istDL will shoot marvelous images at ISO 1600, and 3200 is quite usable if you have some noise reduction software (it is still better than the average p&s camera manages at 400).

Good luck in your choice.


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