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00bolt Apr 18, 2006 2:22 PM

wife and I are no photographers by ANY MEANS, and have a small little sony dsc digital camera. I think its 3.1 mp and cost like $199 a few years ago at walmart. Like it said its nothing special, but it works fine for us. we just take pictures of the 2 kids around the house, at soccer games, etc. we then take to CVS and print them out as 4x6 and occasionally 5x7 pictures and usually turn out pretty good... good enough for us at least.

but here is our beef.

1. takes too long to take the picture from time you actually push the botton. and pictures sometime end up blurry because of it

2. our video camera is an OLD SCHOOL camera and have to watch on vcr... want something digital...

found this camera in a magazine... anyone know anything about it? is it any good? if not, is there anything comparable? id really like to get an all in 1 instead of having to buy 2 cameras

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