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I work for a small town school andthe yearbook teacherneeds to purchase a new camera- the students will usethis totake pictures for their annual. I haven't done any research and they need a camera pretty quick. Im sorry I wont have time to look and reseach but I trust ya'll more than salesman to aim in what direction/type/namebrand. Don't beat me up since i haven't done any research... I would if I could honest!

The camera needs to be good enough to print for school annuals and FLASH is another important option. Do they even have external flashes you can purchase for non DSLR type cameras? Definately outta my range of knowledge -sorry!

DSLR (not an option) would be great but the kids broke the last camera due to dropping so - figured better chose something that is easily replaced instantly rather than one that will be in a repair shop for weeks. So will get a warranty that replaces camera if dropped.. I know they use to have those type warranties. )

I appreciate any advice thrown this way.

Mostly want a great distant flash andhigh quality pixels needed. Price is not as important as sturdy and great flash. Again DSLR isn't an option since random kids will operate and abuse.

thanks, deb :-)
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Two cameras that might meet your requirements are the Kodak P712 and P880. Both have a hot shoe for an external flash (Kodak P20) which integrates into the exposure control. The P712 has a 12x zoom and image stabilization. The P880 has a 5.8x zoom that starts at 24mm equiv. The P880 also has a seperate connection for off camera flash as well. Both should produce excellent images of the sizes found in yearbooks.

Other manufacturers have at least some similar offering but I'm not familure with the details so maybe others will volunteer suggestions covering those cameras.

Steve has tested both Kodaks and you should read the reviews as well as the reviews on any other suggestions.
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This is kind of a tough one.

I thought of the P-880 as well. It has the hot shoe, the wide angle would likely be useful here (and not many have it), and even without the external flash it does far better than most any other digicams on preventing red-eye. Which would be a big issue here. And Kodak's ease of use would be desireable.

Canon G7 might also be worth considering. It also has the hot shoe, and seems durable.

The ideal here might be something a bit simpler in controls, but well built. But that's not easy to find. The entry level models, like the Canon A series, tend to seem be a bit too fragile. And you will have red eye on those people shots without the external flash available.

I also initialy thought about one of the Olympus stylus SW models that are waterproof and buiilt to take a 5 foot drop, as cameras that can take a beating. But they're poorly suited for the type of photography discussed, better outdoors.

I think someone ought to make a good quality, simple to operate, but toughly built camera, and actually market it for kids. As that seems to be a question that comes up alot in various forms. Though such a camera wouldn't likely include the flash hot shoe wanted here either.

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Hello and Best of Luck..None the less I have used the Fuji Finepix F30 and it excels in low light conditions without the need to use Flash. It is an incredibly capable camera that won the "TIPA" award for camera of the year. It was recently replaced by the Fuji Finepix F31 with "Auto Face Finder Focus" Noise levels are the same as the F30 going up to 3200 iso (asa)

It has an all metal chasis and is quite intuitive to use. If you wish you can have it function under Aperture or Shutter priority if you want more creative control.

Benjamin Kanarek
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Too well I understand your question. I am a high school soccer coach who has a student shoot for the annual as well as a CD I produce to give to each player at the end of the season. I bought the Fuji s6000fd earlier this year because of its low-light performance and zoom capabilities. One of the things I like about it is its ease in training a student to use professionally.

From your requirements, though, it would not be appropriate because of the need for a hotshoe. Perhaps its cousin, the Fuji s9100?

There are many good cameras in this range. I would encourage you to get adequate zoom because of the number of different types of activities that would normally be covered by a school annual.
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Ya'll are my hero's... ya gave us somewhere to start doing reseach and Im eternally grateful. Thanks sooo much!!!
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