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Due to illness I have to sell my camera equipment. I was told to UPS the equipment, it will be appraised and I will probably get about 70% of the retail value. This is one of the biggest camera companies but I was wondering if they give you a fair price.

Has anyone sold equipment like this before?


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Back when the only way you could sell your equipment yourself was to use the classified pages of the local newspaper or advertise in Shutterbug magazine I often traded/sold via either local stores or through companies like KEH. You/I never did as well as you could do today by selling it yourself on eBay and I expect that's still the case, but getting the top dollar selling yourself requires selling lots of individual pieces and it taking a little longer, offset again selling to one place at one time and alwaysgetting less money.

A lot depends on what it is you are selling. Do you have a newer DSLR outfit, high-end digicam, film equipment, 3 year-old digital SLR, etc? Used/second-hand digital equipment will never sell used as well as second-hand film equipment used to and the way some brands, like second-hand Nikkors that can still be used on some of the newer Nikondigital bodies, still does. "Retail Price" for used equipment is not the"retail" price you originally paid, so 70% of the used second-handretail price is probably closer to 30-40% of the original price you paid, and if it turns out what you've got is not on their list of "wanted/needed" items, you might even get less.

Don't get your hopes set high. That way, you won't be disappointed when you hear what they will be willing to pay you.
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Haven't done this kind of selling you asked about, however here are 2 ideas for you:

- sell "privately". Put up a website and list the stuff, with pictures and detailed description. Then "spread the word" amongst friends, colleques, other people with interest in photography etc. When people know you and trust you that kept your stuff in good working condition etc. they might be willing to pay a fair price.

- sell in communties. In some other photography related forums they have a "Buy&Sell" section where members can announce if they look for something special or want to sell something. Same effect here - while the other members don't know you personally it's still a better "contact" than via ebay. I don't think Stevesforums has such a thing, though...

It depends a lot on the equipment, as Greg already said.

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If you are talking about who I think you are, don't waste your time. I heard the exact same numbers you did and sent them a Canon P&S less than six months old and they offered me 40 bucks. I have since seen the same camera go for over 200 on ebay 5 or six times. They did pay the UPS both ways but it was still a huge waste of time. Just go look them up on resellerratings.com and you will see for your self.
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You might want to give A_____.com a try.I recently sold some of my videography gear and got a very good price for it with no problems at all as far as selling and getting paid as you are protected by them from hustles bad checks and other nonsense.
I wish you the best on your situation.
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