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I am looking for a camera for a senior, one that can survive being dropped, and yet will be compatible with a lifetime of photography. My father is in a senior's nursing home, but has decided he wants a digital camera. Having started as a teenager, doing all the black and white developing for the town, through the local drug store, and progressing through all areas of black & white, colour, 16mm, 8mm, and then 35 mm cameras, he has a broad knowledge and interest in photography. He has used and owned mostly Canons, but also Ricoh, Zenit, Leica, Voightlander, Yashika and Olympus. What would you recommend for him? The main requirement we would have is that it be seriously shock absorbent and fairly light, plus fit into his rather modest budget. Anticipating your response(s), I await them.
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No one would like to drop their digicam but I know from experience that my Canon S200 was made of stronger stuff. This was a hard drop too, onto concrete.The top, although now dented, does not affectit's performance.

I'd purchase a camera with a metal body. Would be kind of nice if there was a rubber sleeve to slide the camerainto. Any type of sleeve/functional case would be getter than nothing, even leather, to absorb the shock of a few drops.

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Some cameras have their own underwater housings. Using one will help increase survivabilty. For battery changes, memory card removal you would have to take the housing off. For connecting to an exterior device (pc, tv or AC adapter) you might not have to do that.Depends on the housing. Go with a camera that is nearly all metal, if possible, to increase survivabilty outside the underwater case.
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Canuck47 wrote:
The main requirement we would have is that it be seriously shock absorbent

There is nosuch thing as ashock absorbant camera. The best you can do is to find one of the few cameras w/a "ruggedized" housing, which might help somewhat when dropped. Keep in mind though that no camera is resistant to damage if dropped, andeven the good suggestions abovehave their limits. This is because a ruggedized housing cannot absorb all of the energy of an impact. In order for the surrounding material to completely absorb the energy of impact, it would have to deform greatly and not rebound, and none of the ruggedized cameras have outer coverings that will completely and permanently deform upon impact. Therefore, some of the energy will always be transmitted to the camera upon dropping. This goes for underwater housings as well. Bottom line - any camera can be damaged when dropped while in use.

If you want a camera w/a ruggedized housing, you might look at the Sony DSC-U60. I think Casio made a few at one time - it might be worth trying to find them.


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I have a Oly Stylus 400 since last Christmas, and I've dropped it a few times (not on concrete though) and it still works fine. The body is totally scratched all over. It's quite light too.

If you want a rugged weatherproof camera, that is easy to use as a P&S, the Oly Stylus series can't go wrong.

Pentax has a couple of the water-resistant models that can be dropped into a few feet of water (forget the models, I think it starts/ends with WR). They should be good bets too.

The only problem (as far as choices go) for your choice would be the lack of manual controls for these cameras.

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