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I'm in the market for a new camera, and am leaning toward the canon a720is.

However, as I was looking around, I saw a feature on a different camera that caught my eye and was hoping to know more about it.


If you scroll down to the 3rd and 4th pics, you can see what I'm talking about. The camera has a feature that allows you to lighten the picture so that what originally looks like shadow can belightenedso that youcanmakedetails out that were once too dark to see.

I have very little experience with cameras, and don't even know what this effect is called. I think Nikon calls it 'D-lighting'. What I'm wanting to know is if this is a common feature in other cameras, or really any information that would be helpful in looking for a camera that can do this, as it looks like a neat feature.

Thanks for any help.

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One thing to consider is that when D lighting is used, it increases the noise level in the photo.
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Andy is correct. Both Nikon and Sony offer the D-Lighting feature is certain models of their cameras.

Sarah Joyce
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Olympus offers this on certain cameras, it's called shadow adjustment and certain softwares like adobe CS2 have this feature in case your camera doesn't. To much of it and the photo will look washed out.
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Thanks for the help, now I can look around for different options. You allhave any suggestions?

I'm looking for something kind of equivalent to the canon a720is, or the canon a650is, I think. I don't have any photography experience, but would like manual controls so I can learn. The trade-off is like everyone elses, the big lens vs. being able to carry it at least somewhat easily. I guess both kinds would be appreciated, ie the canon S5is type with big lens, vs the a650is, without big lens.

The other criteria is that it includes the shadow lightening feature, which reminds me- Does this feature have to be on for it to work,or can you apply it retroactively? Like "darn, too much shadows, let me lighten this up." I get that it adds noise, but it kind of seems like it's either added noise vs. a poor quality picture anyways. If you look through user pictures on Amazon, you can really see what I'm trying to say. When you click on a pic, it starts to fade in and out. When the fading starts, details that you absolutely could not see before become immediately visible. Things that looked like black shadows you can see them quite clearly. That is what I'm trying to learn more about. What are the options for this? Thanks for any help.

Edit: Does the Fujifilm Finepix S700 7.1MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom have a next step up with Image Stabilization? I really like the color rendition on this one, but the edges of things do seem to be a bit blurry, and the camera Amazon suggests is the next step up is the Finepix S8000fd, which is twice as much. Thanks.
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The megazoom Olympus SP-560 has it (I think it's called Perfect Fix) and it is applied trhough a menu item in the view mode. It works out, but it does slightly increase noise in an image. I imagine the SP-570 has it, too.
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