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Originally Posted by crlindstrom87 View Post
... I guess my only thing is that a brand new USA model has only a one year warranty...with that said, how often do you see things go wrong within the first year on anything? My own personal experience is not very often. ...
Well, that used to be the case but I don't believe it holds true anymore. Manufacturers are cutting corners all over the place, from development to QA to production line and as a result, products are reaching the market with poorer overall quality. I recall many forum members reporting problems with their brand new cameras. Now, you can look at it this way...if you say you save $200 by buying a "grey market" unit, then you can set that $$ aside during the first year and use it to repair the unit in case anything goes wrong with it, since it will not be covered by the warranty.

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Originally Posted by ewheeler20 View Post
too good to be true. I am assuming you are referring to "gray market" cameras. I don't recommend buying those. They are sold so much cheaper because the do not include any warranties, they are usually sold "under the table" without taxes and tariffs.
First of all B&H doesn't sell any "grey market" digital cameras. We do sell some "grey market" film cameras, SLR lenses, speedlights, etc., but each is clearly labeled on our site.

Speaking only for B&H, "grey market" items are sold side-by-side with items warranted by the manufacturer. Sales tax is applied if the situation dictates. There's nothing "under the table" regarding "grey market" at all.

Originally Posted by crlindstrom87 View Post
I guess my only thing is that a brand new USA model has only a one year warranty...what's the advantage of getting the USA model? I just can't stand the fact of paying that much extra to a company that just makes the CEO's of these companies richer.
Most new digital cameras include a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Some retailers also offer extended warranties. There are two types. One type simply makes the time-frame of the manufacturer's warranty a couple of years longer. The other includes additional protection from (for example) dropping the camera.

The "extra money" pays for warranty service, training sales and tech reps, operating a company and web site, attending trade show, supporting professionals and industry trade groups and a host of other expenses. Nikon USA, for example, has overhead the "grey market" distributor does not have.

I then called another "independent" website who advertised it for like $469 (in that ball park) and the same guy answered the phone!!!!! When I called him out on it asking why he was answering a different companies phones he got all upset so I hung up.
You need to bookmark Resellerratings, please.

Originally Posted by Wizzard0003 View Post
Not only will you not get a warranty with grey market but most manufacturers WILL NOT repair it even for a charge... Also, many grey market items have been known to be returns, defective rejects, etc and you have no recourse but to bite the bullet if it turns out to be a dud... Reputable dealers like B&H, Amazon, etc will sometimes stand behind them with a store warranty but I wouldn't trust many others...
Nikon USA has stated repeatedly they will never knowingly do any work on a "grey market" product in or out of warranty under any circumstances. Canon USA OTOH has demonstrated repeatedly they will do warranty work on a "grey market" product provided the owner has a dated store receipt or invoice. Again speaking only for B&H, your statement, "many grey market items have been known to be returns, defective rejects, etc..." is simply not the case. You're describing underhanded unethical behavior which would certainly not be limited to merchandise with a "grey market" provenance. A retailer who'd stoop to this would stoop to this no matter what the item's warranty. B&H, which I hope all here regard as reputable, offers a warranty on any new "grey market" item we sell. Not sometimes.
Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video
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Thank you Henry. Helen?
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Originally Posted by peterbj7 View Post
Thank you Henry. Helen?
Adorama 's relationship with Direct Import units ('grey market') is just as Henry has detailed very thoroughly, above.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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Thank you, Henry...

When I said "Sometimes" I was speaking regarding "Reputable Dealers" not B&H
specifically... B&H (as one "Reputable Dealer") has an excellent record for standing
by their products...

Many "Unreputable Dealers" are definately known to sell returns and defective items
(when they actually ship an item at all) as "Grey Market"... It's ALWAYS worth the
trouble to ask in the forums, or Resellerratings.com (as suggested), before blindly
sending your money to someone regarding a "To Good to be True" deal...

Bottom line ~ On a purchase of this magnitude (hundreds of dollars) I would only
deal with a retailer that has a known good reputation and wouldn't even consider
others regardless of price, except maybe on a cheap (10-20 dollar) item...

Thanks again, Henry (and Helen), for taking the time to respond...
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