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Hi all
I currently own the Olympus C-8080, with all the goodies in accesories. I'm thinking of going up to SLR between the Evolt-500 and E-330. The main reason for going with the Evolt-500/330 is because I allready bought the FL-50 flash. As you all know when using the FL-50 flash on the C-8080...not all functions are enabled. To my understanding I should be able to use all operating functions of the FL-50 into the Evolt-500 and E-330
Is it worth the investment on the Evolt-500 and E-330?
If so, what would you guys recommend...the E-330 or E-500?
Thnx in advance

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My initial answer would depend on just how important the "live-view" feature of the E-330 would be to you. I have a little point & shoot for live view but, call mea traditionalist (or just old!), I feel that using a DSLR predicates using the viewfinder. I've handled several E-500's and while I love the feel of the camera, the viewfinder is rather small. It gives (to me) the appearance of "tunnel vision" and I found my eye searching around it to compose a shot. I'm also not a fan of the shooting info on the right side of the viewfinder...prefer it at the bottom. If you want to use the FL-50, you may still be able to get in on the remaining E-1 bodies offered on ebay by Cameta Camera. They're selling new at $450-$500 USD (the same or better than what you can find anE-500/E-330 for). Don't sweat the "only" 5 MP aspect...the quality is there. The E-1 has no built-in flash but hey, you've got the FL-50! There are no scene modes on the E-1 so if you find yourself using the preset modes a lot on other cameras that would be my only reason not to consider it. At the end of the day I always suggest 1) read all the reviews and 2) get out there & handle both cameras. It's the best way to compare features vs. price.
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Stowaway has given you excellent advice and I need add nothing more except to say, as an E-1, E-300, and E-500 owner myself, that these are excellent cameras, but not particularly well suited for low light level shooting conditions.

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