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cliffrouse11baseball Jul 20, 2004 12:58 PM

Just wandering which camera is the best the Nikon 5700 or the 5400? Overall. Thanks alot. I just ruled out the Fuji s7000. Please help. Thanks

johnpritt Jul 21, 2004 9:54 AM

They are 2 different cameras, so it's a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

The 5400 is reckoned to have the better lens. The 5400 has the wider-angle lens but the 5700 has the longer telephoto lens.The 5400 is smaller and lighter. . Depending on where you are, the 5400 will probably be cheaper to buy. There are some doubts about whether the 5400 will continue in the Nikon line up, and I suppose you could argue that now that the 8700 has appeared, the same question could apply to the 5700.

jock Jul 22, 2004 2:40 AM

I love my 5700. It is so versital and small that I can take it anywhere and it has enough features to suit the advanced and gremmie. It is however, still a prosumer point and shoot and I feel "amaturish" when at an event and the pros all have slrs and I am trying to compete. But I believe that it is the photographer that makes the shot and not the camera. That said, I am ready to move up to the D-70 for at least 2 reasons: 1) the 5700 is in the shop (Mack Camera) I would always recommend the extended warranty on digital cameras as if you use them a lot, things go wrong. 2 weeks after the mfg 1 year warranty the flash died. Then the following month the zoom was failing and I was getting the "lens error" message and the rubber grip is coming off and I had occational on/off switch glitches. We will see just how good the Mack warranty is. They estimate 4-6 weeks!!!! 2) I am ready to get a little more pro and since I am selling more and winning a few awards, and hope to get more published, I need something better. I will still keep the 5700 for the above reasons. I do have to remember that I earn my living as a jewelry designer and have a hard time rationalizing spendingclose to$2000 for a new outfit. If I earned my living with my camera, I'd have the best and not hesitate to buy additional equip. 3) I can afford the D-70 and not any other Dslr (the Canon rebel is nice, but I've handled one and it feels like plastic (pardon me, poly carbonate) where I hear the D-70, while plastic (pardon me, poly carbonate!) feels and handles more like a real camera.

Certainly the 5700 is more featured and cooler looking than the ?4500? and the big zoom is great. It is however, easy to accidentally push some of the buttons on the left side of the lens. Nikon could easily make a little frame that could recess the buttons and there is a screw where it could be attached, for some reason this was not rectified on the 8700. The swivel lcd is not a gimmick and I find it one of the reasons I will keep it. Great for shooting over heads in a crowd or low angle like custom autos etc. I usually keep it closed and use the elec view finder like a normal camera. Somehow the composing with the lcd looks so amature unless it is at a helpful angle. I grew up studing photography in the 60's and just feel you are supposed to put the camera up to your eye, not at arms length. There are some great buys on the 5700 now that the 8700 is the new kid on the block, but in the photo mags "8 Mp shootouts and comparisons" it is often outscored in several catagories. My advice, unless you need to print 16x 20 (pardon me, my age is showing, 13 x19 or whatever the format is) you don't need the rather noisy 8700. Most reviewers agree that a 6 Mp slr will produce far superior prints than an 8Mp digicam due to the larger sensor. Be sure to get a few extra batteries if you plan to shoot for several hours in a day. I often use 3-5 at a rodeo for example.

Speaking of the odd new formats, why is it that it is easy to get mats and frames for the old formats 5x7 and 8x10 but when I get prints made, they are 8x12 or 12x18 and I have to have custom made mats and frames????? I actually usually print my own on my Epson 2200, but Costco is hard to beat for real photo prints from digital for cheap. Our Costco lab really seems to try to get a good print, not just a cheap print.

enough......good luck and happy shooting.........Jock

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