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Default Should I buy the X-T1?

Hi Guys,

I want a new small camera (my Nikon D300 with 18-200mm is not great when trying to carry small children and their myriad equipment) to take pictures/videos of my young children doing whatever they do, sports, playing inside/outside, etc.

Fujifilm's has some great reviews both here and elsewhere as do some of their lenses.

So I had thought of getting an X-T1 and pairing it up with the compact 50mm f1.4 for use inside and the "dark" (I hate flash) and having the 18-135mm Fujinon lens as a kind of allrounder for everyday use when I need to get a bit closer to the distant action.

Some of the downsides I have seen mentioned here are price, which is in some way countered at the moment with retailers Christmas offers and a Fuji cashback offer as well.

The video is also not great....but how bad is it? I don't want to take quality images for weddings, just videos of the kids hanging out. Will it do, do you think? The last videos I was taking were with a Sony DSC-TX1 point and shoot...surely the Fujifilm X-T1 will be considerably better than that?

One thing I didn't really get was that the X-T1 doesn't make it onto either the list of "Steve's Best Cameras" or "Gift Guides by Price". It doesn't seem quite fair as most of the cons seem to relate to it not having "traditional" shooting modes and a lot of stacked dials. Sounds just like an old film slr.

Should I look at a different camera? The Sony A7 is way to expensive and the Olympus felt too small and "sharp" in my hands. I had originally thought of the Nikon D7200 but the size of the Fujifilm is a big plus.

Your thoughts are much appreciated as the stock held in my local stores is limited so it is often difficult to see, feel and test the product before ordering it.

Kind regards

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Fuji camera's take great pics but are mediocre (some even say horrible) at video. A compromise could be the Panasonic GH4, good for stills and very good for video.

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I was seriously considering the X-T1 in spite of the price, as it has a lot of the features I was looking for, and video is not a consideration for me. (though I do occasionally use it).
In the end, I stayed with Pentax, because of the lenses I already have, and the K-3 has turned out to be an excellent choice for me.
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here are some video samples i found on youtube - i chose the ones that seemed to offer variety. they look fine if not great (make sure to increase quality/size before going full screen). i can't imagine these wouldn't be good enough for pics of your kids.


last year's cameras didn't make it on this year's steve's christmas list. the sony A6000 isn't there, either, and it's a really great camera. me, i like micro four thirds - i've owned both panasonic and olympus m43 cameras - but APSC just works out better for me.
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Thanks to you all for your help. I had no trouble finding a video on youtube, but as with above list there was not much moving of camera and plenty of tripod use. But thankfully number three in the above list was just what I was looking for. Plenty of moving subjects, and hand held use. Looks like it should do for what I need.

Thanks again for all your help, it is greatly appreciated.

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