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Hi, every one!

Lately, my interests for photography have increased. Therefore I am considering to buy a dslr (dah… surprised!? Guess not…) There are several things that I am insecure about so I thought maybe you guys could help me decide. OBS! Excuse my poor English :-)

A little bit about me…

I have relatively small hands, I use glasses and I am interested in computer, technology and internet! My knowledge about photography is intermediate (when it comes to photography theory/phrases like ISO, shutter speed, sensor size etc…) But when it comes to photography in real life I am just a beginner, but progressing ;-) To show you my photography level, I post some pictures that that I have taken in past 3 months.

http://picasaweb.google.com/tonyswebalbum/ 20 pics taken with HP photosmart 735 and my mobile phone, SonyEricsson W800i.


One of my concerns about dslr is the size! I know dslr are much bigger then a compact cam, but is it easy/pleasant enough to drag it on my shoulder or in a bag? I know this is an individual issue but I would like to hear a comment from "hobby photograph people" who had the same concern buying a dslr for the first time. (Buy "hobby photograph people" I mean people who don't have photography as a profession, because than we talking about a work tool not a hobby) Notice: I am not afraid of dragging a dslr with me when I go out to shoot photos (mini photo trip/walks) but what about everyday life?

Which model?

I am considering between Pentax k100d or K10d, Canon 350d or 400d (rebel xt and rebel xti in us) and maybe a Nikon d50 (outsider)!

What I like about Pentax is that they have anti shake on the image sensor and the major difference – from my point of view - between k100 and k10 are water resistance and 6 and 10 megapixels and the price of course. I know megapixels isn't everything but will 4 megapixel make a difference for example when I take pictures of trees and things with details and is this difference worth the extra cost.

The difference between Canons are much less in my eyes, 8 and 10 megapixels and bigger 2,5" screen – but is this differences enough to spend more money on XTI/D400? And Canon generally makes dslr with little ISO/picture noise. And they are relatively cheap to :-)

And the Nikon d 50 is just very cheap but "only" 6 megapixels, but Nikon is a good brand.

Final words

I know much of the things I ask are individual but I still want your opinion. Many guides on the net suggest that one should go to the store and get a hold on this cameras to know how they feel (done that). The only dslr I liked in my hands is Sony Alpha 100 BUT I ‘am not impressed by its image quality so it won't be on my list.

Thank you for listening.. eh.. I mean reading.

Kind regards, Tony.
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Notice: I am not afraid of dragging a dslr with me when I go out to shoot photos (mini photo trip/walks) but what about everyday life?
I think this is ultimately something only you can answer, really. I was initially afraid of the bulk and size of a DSLR as well, which was one reason why it took me a year or two longer to take the leap into the DSLR world than I would have done otherwise.

Now that I have taken that leap, it doesn't seem quite so bad any more - but it was still enough of an issue that I decided to get the K100D after having waited for the specs of K10D to be published, as the 300 grams of difference in body alone just sounded too much for me. But then, I'm a smallish woman and not a very strong one. :lol:

I don't find the DSLR too big when going out on photo trips / going out for hours with the aim of taking pictures. I do find it too big for just having in my bag daily when going to work though. But then, I also find my Panasonic FZ-5 superzoom (one of the smallest and lightest superzooms out there) too bulky to take with me when I don't have the express desire to take pictures - even though it looks and feels like a tiny little light toy to me now after getting the DSLR.

Fortunately I have several compact point-and-shoots as well, and as one of them is weather-proof, so I don't have to worry about lugging the DSLR with me but still always have a camera ready.

Otherwise... well, in my opinion there isn't much real qualitative difference in the images you can get with any of the entry level cameras. The Pentax, the Canons, the Nikon D50... they all give excellent results in the right hands and have plenty of manual options for you to discover and use for a long while. So it's really a question of ergonomics and price, I'd say, in deciding which one is the best for you.

I'd definitely recommend trying to handle them all (in store) before making the choice. Try the grip (for small hands, I doubt any of the entry models would be too small, but some people have claimed the Canons are a little uncomfortable while others say they feel just right - it's a very personal choice) and the viewfinder - the viewfinder will be more important than the LCD when taking pictures. Ultimately, I doubt you could go wrong with any of them, so just going what with feels best for you might be the best way to approach this.
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How much you want to drag around with you is a VERY individual thing. I had owned a film SLR and got tired of constantly having the wrong lens on my camera for what I wanted to take, and dragging all the extra equipment around. So I bought a Sony F717 several years ago and decided I really was a point-n-shoot girl after all, no dSLR for me!

When it developed problems I bought an FZ30, that I never got comfortable with. When I realized that the Pentax DS with kit lens wasn't much heavier than the FZ30, I figured the quality was enough to bite the bullet and re-enter the SLR world. I've been SO glad that I did, and happily carry around a camera bag wherever I go. That camera bag has gradually gained weight over the past year as I've added things and is now as heavy I can manage. I still carry it to work and most of the time, while modifying things when I go on longer hikes. However, most of the people I know at work think I'm crazy to always carry around such a heavy bag. I just reply that it started off light enough and the weight gain was so gradual that I didn't notice it.

The bottom line is that I'm having a blast with this photography stuff.
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