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IMO, some cameras are "timeless". Sure they will eventually become outdated but those cameras tend to last much longer before one feels the needs for an upgrade. The reason is because they are progressive and innovative cameras. They offer features and IQ excellence that most other models in similar segments don't. Going back in time, the Sony V3, F717, F828 and R1 are great examples of what I'm talking about. Even though these models are at least 5 years old, they are still desirable because they offer features not available on any new camera. In today's world of photography, I find the LX3 to be one of those models. Sure there may be a replacement but what is it going to fix or improve on? Add more MP perhaps or a slightly bigger LCD? The LX3 has very little flaws (if any). It has an excellent Leica lens which is fast and wide and IQ, not to mention cool features such as dynamic B&W. The G1 was a ground breaker. It is an awesome camera. Slightly bigger than the other m4/3 models such as the GF1 or EP1/EP2 but it offers a lot more too, such as swivel high res LCD, EVF and flash. The kit lenses (14-45mm and 45-200mm) are great and IQ is very comparable to any entry level DSLR. Of course being the first generation of a new technology there is a lot of room for improvement. But, one can buy the three pieces for about $650. I doubt the new model will be anywhere near that. I believe the G1 will be a desirable camera for years to come.

So, it does not matter how you look at it, you can wait and wait and wait because there will always be new stuff coming out and the price tag will always be high or you can get a "timeless" piece of equipment (such as the LX3), have lots of fun right away, save lots of $$$ over a new model and still enjoy it for quite a few years.

Just to quickly illustrate my point, a couple of years ago I sold my Oly E510 because I was not happy with its ability to handle highlights (poor DR) and jumped right into the E520 which had just been released as a replacement model. Supposedly it had a better DR. It turned out that was one of the worst cameras I've ever had and a few months later I sold it and bought a Sony A200. Today, the E510 is sold for a lot more money than the E520 (used, of course since it's been out of production for at least two years now). Why? Because it's a better camera (even with its limited DR). So, new models do not necessarily mean "better" models. That's my 2c.

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First of all THANKS to Sarah aka mtclimber, I owe her a big thanks on my sony dsc h50, after reading several of her reveiws this lady knows her cameras, , I was looking into the Panasonic FZ-35 posts she had made.as well as others and liked what i was seeing on the reveiws so i ordered one this week,I love the camera , Do not sell panasonic short on this camera. CRUTCHFIELD has the camera with carrying case included shipped to your door for 319.00, Hope this helps, SLUGO
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Default Panasonic FZ -35

First of all THANKS to Sarah aka mtclimber, She helped with my sony dsc h50, This lady really knows her cameras , she takes a lot of time i have noticed to help others on the forum, I noticed she spoke very highly of the Panasonic FZ-35 as well as other members, I liked the look and feel of the camera and the functions, I decided to get me that camera, i ordered the camera this week , I am very satisfied with the camera, Right now CRUTCHFIELD has the camera for 319.00 ""great price"" delivered to your door which includes a camera bag , My opinion you should be happy with the camera if it is what you are looking for., Hope this helps, SLUGO
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Your welcome, Slugo-

You got a great price and a case too. Good going.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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