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Default Shutter lag: SX40, P510, FZ150, or other

Was a photographer in the late 60s and early 70s, including much b&w darkroom work. Used mostly 2 1/4 inch film and 35 mm SLR. However, just dabbling with photos ever since.

Have had several P&S cameras, most recently DMC TS1 and then TS2, as I was usually on the water. But these each failed in about a year and turned me off. Through many P&S cameras I was always frustrated at shutter lag, even when pressing button down 1/2 way, and inability to set aperture or shutter speed. Less often, but sometimes I was frustrated at power-up times.

Now, I'm about to travel and am getting a new camera. Like most others, budget is an issue, and size. So, I've ruled out DSLRs.

I shoot everywhere and in any situation. But, I suspect I'll mostly want outdoors with the zoom, and not always in auto mode.

I've gone to camera stores and held these cameras and played with the menus a bit. All seem okay and none seem to stand out. I think lack of use of similar cameras severely limits my ability to see how the differences will effect me.

So, I'm down to shutter speeds. With the DMCs I missed a huge number of photos because I could not pick them up, turn them on, take a shot with any reasonable shutter speed. Even when already turned on, I still missed a lot.

Can anyone tell me the relative shutter lag differences between these three: SX40, P510, FZ150, and how these compare to the DMC TS2.

How about power up times?

It is hard to compare all the features, strengths and weaknesses without building a huge comparison grid. Any other suggestions?
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The FZ-150 is the speediest of the bunch- by some way.
Here's some test results for the Panny-

Shutter response- 0.05 sec
Wide focus shutter response- 0.15 sec
Full zoom focus shutter response- 0.25 sec
Switch on time to photo taken- 1.6 sec
Shot to shot- 0.6 sec
Shot to shot with flash- 0.8 sec
Burst mode- 12 frames max at rate of 11fps.
Burst with autofocus on each frame- 5.5fps.

I have an SX40 myself- and the most frustrating thing about it is the shot to shot time.
AF speed is fine- and no noticeable shutter lag- but the time waiting for 1 full-res image to write to card is very slow indeed. Anyone who likes speedy candid shooting should definitely look toward the Panasonic.
There seems to be no timing figures for the Nikon floating on the web- but I'd be surprised if it was even close to the Panasonic.
Another potential runner in the race may be Sony's HX200v- not many reviews around yet,but maybe worth looking at..?
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I'm not currently printing any photos, not blowing then up very large. I might get by with a reduced image size, and that might reduce the write time substantially.

Simon40, thanks for the specific details. All of those times are fantastic compared to my experience. I remember with shutter 1/2 way down and still waiting 1.5 seconds or longer. It was pure luck to catch anything moving that wasn't tiny in the photo.

The shot-to-shot time with a card is unfortunate. The rest seem quite usable to me.
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