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shuttleprincess Feb 21, 2006 1:17 PM

I am overwhelmed and ready to just close my eyes and point to one as a decision method. I've read through most of the differences and as soon as I am sold on one, another pops up or another reason not to buy the one i just decided on, ugggh.

I have the Canon Rebel film camera and liked using it. But haven't really shot any film in the last few years cause it's so expensive. I bought the Casio exilim and I'm sorry, but i hate that camera. My pictures are always dark and the directions lacked for me to be able to customize it. I do like the size of it though.

So, what is my use/purpose of a new SLR?

Types of pictures I will take-- family & friends gatherings, lots and lots of outdoors stuff in the park, hiking, camping--my husband is a kayaker, so i need an option for sporty stuff. I have a one-year old and i'd like nice photos of her and she is always on the move, so i need something with a continuous option. we are indoors a lot, so i want somethign that takes great indoor photos too. this is really for her and for the next kid too. most of my baby photos i feel like i never really got GOOD pictures of her. (until i went to a professional photographer and it costed me a small fortune)

I want something auto driven. I love the looks of the slr photos versus the point and shoot--don't know how to decribe that feeling and it honestly could all be in my head that there is a difference. i just don't feel like i'm doing just my pictures justice. I'd like to stay under $1000. I don't see too much of a difference between a 6mp and 8mp, so staying around the six range is fine by me. I love wide angle shots too, so somethign with that option is great too. i think changing lenses is standard?

i'm okay with honesty if my request is unreasonable?? hahah. Thanks for ANY insight and i'm sorry, I didn't spell check this posting.

The ones i have been considering are the Canon Rebel XT, Nikon D50, KM5D?


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