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I want to buy a Canon SLR EOS Rebel and a reasonably priced, appropriately compatible lens for shooting birds. This setup will be for a beginner. Should I go for the K2 or T2 and which lens?

Unsure on the Space Coast,


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What's your budget, and what kind of birds? You'll typically need longer focal length lenses for smaller birds in order to fill the frame enough for good detail from typical shooting distances, and if you want to capture Birds in Flight, you may need a faster focusing body/lens combination, too.

I have nothing against film... But, if you start considering film processing costs, you may be better off buying a digtal body instead, depending on how much you plan to shoot.

Entry level DSLR bodies also have another advantage over a 35mm body if you want to shoot subjects like birds... lenses will appear to be longer (more apparent magnification) for a given focal length on an entry level DSLR model, because their APS-C size sensors are smaller than 35mm film.

For example, with an entry level Canon DSLR model, a 300mm lens would give you the same angle of view (apparent magnification) that a 480mm lens would on a 35mm camera body. Just multiply the focal lengh of a lens by 1.6x on an entry level Canon DSLR to see what focal length lens it would compare to on a 35mm camera.

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I agree with JimC, DSLR is a better way to go and will cost you less in the long run. The oldfilm SLR were a great way to learn about using a camera but the newer SLR controls are set up much the same as the DSLR so there is really no need to step backwards, take the DSLR plunge.
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