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Hi there, I bought myself a Fuji s9600 six months ago and whilst I am happy enough with the pictures it takes in good lighting Im very disappointed with low light shots, any increase to the ISO levels and the noise is dreadful Im also a bit frustrated at the lack of DOF available and the shutter lag is a problem for me. So I am going to buy myself a shiny new SLR and could do with some guidance.

I know a little about photography but am very keen to learn more and improve my skills over the next few years. Therefore I want to buy a camera that will see me through this learning curve, I dont want to buy an entry level SLR and then have to upgrade it in a year or so. However as I said its very hard to make a informed choice when I dont really understand the significance of different lenses/ focusing features etc

I definitely want live view ( I have an autistic daughter who will only let me take her picture if she can see my face, if its behind the camera she turns away, with live view this would be possible)

I want a camera that does well indoor in low lighting

Has a self cleaning function
Image stabilization would be good too.

The camera i am currently leaning towards is the Canon 40D, the only thing that is putting me off is I believe it is rather heavy / large? If I could keep the price to about 1,000 ( $2,000 ) max that would be great.

Many thanks for reading this, I hope you can help
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There are a number of DSLR cameras that have the live view feature. Most probably, it would be wise to visit a camera shop and see how the Canon 40D feels in hand.

Olympus and Panasonic DSLR cameras also have live view.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks Sarah, I did go into a camera shop but the guy made me feel like a complete idiot who had no right shopping in his store. I will obviously go and handle the camera in a store before I buy but I want to clue myself up a bit before I go back into a shop.

ps I won't be going back to the shop I went to yesterday :blah:
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You may also want to look at the new Sony DSLR-A300.

It's shipping now, and has an LCD that tilts so you could keep the camera at a lower position while framing (most DSLR models have a fixed LCD on the camera's back).

Sony DSLR-A300 at sonystyle.com

This model has a new Live View design that gets around some of the issues found in most other Live View systems via a separate Live View Sensor, with a design that allows the camera's main 9 point Autofocus Sensor assembly to work while in Live View mode. This eliminates the problems found in most other systems, since there is no need to switch in and out of Live View mode to focus using the camera's primary AF sensor assembly, or the performance issues you may see with a Contrast Detection AF system.

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The Sony A300 might be the best choice for you because of the tilt screen. However, it's refular viewfinder is smaller because of the dual sensor design, so it can be more difficult to use than some of the other dSLR cameras.

You might also look at the Pentax K20, a very nice camera with live view. It's another one thatcan't focus in live view because the mirror is in the way of the AF sensor (the screen will temporarily go blank while the mirror lifts, the camera focuses, then the mirror drops). Or you can enlarge the image on the LCD and manually focus (I was surprised that I could see as much of the focus as I could - my previous experience doing this with a previous camera wasn't good).

Remember that all of the dSLR cameras will be heavy and hard to hold still at arm's length, with or without anti-shake. I'd recommend you also plan on buying a good tripod for usefor your daughter's pictures, and perhaps a wireless remote to operate the camera, so you don't have to be behind the camera.
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mtngal wrote: perhaps a wireless remote to operate the camera, so you don't have to be behind the camera.

do you know something, I have never thought of taking her picture that way! it's so obvious, why didn't I think of that myself???????
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There's 'Live View' and then there's 'Live View'.

There are more than a few dSLRs that offer 'Live View', but many involve compromises. Most use the main image sensor to get the image for the LCD Display, but because the autofocus system is typically part of the optical viewfinder, most of these dSLRs can't autofocus while providing a 'Live View'. In addition, using 'Live View' for a long period can heat up the main image sensor which will create thermal noise. Some dSLRs have created autofocus systems that can work off the main image sensor, like the new Olympus E-420, but they can't do anything about the heat except turn off 'Live View' when it gets too hot.

Sony, on the other hand, uses a secondary image sensor in the optical viewfinder to provide the 'Live View'. This allows the camera to autofocus normally and doesn't cause the main image sensor to heat up.

This secondary image sensor is built into the Sony A300 (10MP)and the A350 (14MP). You might want to take a look at them.
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