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I'm interested in the highest image quality, but don't care about interchangable lenses. I use a Sony 828. Is the image quality in the Sony going to be as good as in an 8mp SLR? Thanks
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The simple amswer is no.

Further clarification:

An SLR will have a larger sensor, which means it will capture more dynamic range.

The pictures will also be less noisy for the same ISO,and will be usable to a far higher ISO. I have seen pictures from the Pentax *Ist D at ISO1600 that looked very good. Most digicams are pushing it a little at ISO200, and a rare few (with the 7mp or 8mp sensor for example) will be ok at ISO400.

Finally, the lens is usually of a higher quality. It will show less distortion, and naturally be sharper.

However, my Canon Powershot S70 is more than good enough for me. It makes good A3 prints, and I can shoot more or less any subject I want. If I had the money I would get an SLR, but I don't need to.

You may also find one of the better digicams is more than good enough.

Good further reading - http://www.steves-digicams.com/smp/07212002.html
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I certainly agree, no fixed lens digital camera, even the Sony F-828 can equal the quality of photos produced by a dSLR.

Here is an example photo for you to consider. This photo was taken recently at the Shanghai Acrobatic Show. I was shooting WITHOUT FLASHusing my Pentax 1stDS at ISO 3200, and using a niceSigma 28-300mm lens. Shooting right next to me was a fellow traveler using a Sony F-828 at ISO 400 and using flash. Guess who got the photos that were great and worth saving? I did. He deleted his.

Sarah Joyce
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