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mikec78 Sep 12, 2005 5:35 PM

Can someone help me out with finding a good digital camera?
I have the Pentax optio s5i camera and I am looking for something that can out perform this camera. It is a great camera for the price but I want something that takes better quality pictures in a small form factor like the Pentax optio s5i. The fill flash on the pentax is lacking, and the shutter speed I find to be slow even on the "sport" setting.

Can someone recomend another camera (min 5+megapixels) that can out perform the pentax optio s5i? (if it is a little bigger or smaller than the optio s5i that works for me). If this is probably the best camera out there, please let me know... :)

main things I am looking for:
- shutter speed has to be quicker
- fill flash has be cover a greater distance
- min 5+ megapixels
- has to do video (perferably unlimited)
- also needs timer
- lithium batteries (rechargeable)

- you can buy an aftermarket water proof kit
- secure digital or compact flash (nothing proprietary)
- optical zoom greater than 3x
- light that comes on when taking pictures at night so you can see the subject you are taking a picture of...

I hope this isn't too tall of an order but I know there are new camera out there and why not ask the question...

Thanks for the help,

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