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beigewill Dec 9, 2006 1:39 PM

I work as a real estate appraiser and am wanting a small camera I can hang around my neck (to keep the cam and battery warm to extend battery life, and so I don't have to clutter my belt- pain in the butt).

I need to take pics of rooms in houses but with my fuji 6800 Finepix (acient, I know!) I'll get a toilet and sink in a bathroom, the fireplace of a living room, or I will get half the house, when standing across the street!

-I don't want a fish-eye, or any extra lenses

-must work well in low light


slipe Dec 9, 2006 2:31 PM

I know of nothing small with wide angle and really good low light abilities.

The closest I could suggest might be the Canon SD800is. It has good ISO 400 capability and combined with the stabilization should give decent results since you aren't shooting moving subjects. It is 28mm at the wide end.

The Kodak V705 has a 23mm lens that would be great for your purposes but it isn't very good in low light without a flash and the flash isn't very strong even rated at ISO 200. You also have to use digital zoom for shots between 23mm and the start of the standard range at about 38mm. That might not be a really bid disadvantage for the size output you need for real estate.

If your secret location is outside the US you might look at the Ricoh R5.

If you hold the camera with the long side up and shoot three panorama shots they can be cropped to a standard 4:3 ratio giving about 27mm from 38mm shots. That might be more hassle than you want to go through but it works. If you were willing to do that I would recommend the Fuji F30 since it has good low light capability.

rinniethehun Dec 9, 2006 4:25 PM

Compact format, wide angle lens, and good low light performance don't seem to be too popular with the digicam manufacturers these days. The best suggestion I could come up with is the Fuji E900. It is a compact format, has a 32mm lens, and is ISO 800 capable. Not the smallest, not the widest angle, and not the highest ISO out there, but it's probably the closest to meeting your criteria. If you come up with anything better, let us know.

the Hun

beigewill Dec 9, 2006 4:54 PM

Thanks for the insight guys.

I'm in Victoria, BC (Canada).

I've tried the stitching programs about 4-5 years ago and they were a little finicky. I guess things have improved since then but my pref would be to find a suitable cam.

It's too bad there are not more wider angled products. I can think of a bunch of occasions when I, and others, would really have found them useful... taking pics of fam and friends at a dining table, in a restaurant (where the server inevitably has to back up 10-15 feet to get everybody in, and other group scenarios).

My former colleague had a Fuji Finepix that had a wide angle setting which was pretty good. I can't remember the model number (2xxx or 3xxx?) but it was a few years ago, too big to carry around my neck, and from the sounds of it they may have discontinued it, according to a salesperson at a local electronics shop.

beigewill Dec 9, 2006 5:14 PM

Thanks again for all the info guys.

That little Kodak V705 fits the bill the best, from the looks of things, but has so few buttons it almost looks like a kids' toy?!

slipe Dec 9, 2006 5:59 PM

They still make large Fujis with excellent low light capabilities and wide angle. The best is the S6000. But it isn't going to fit in your pocket.

rinniethehun Dec 9, 2006 6:14 PM

I don't know how Kodak can call the V705 a 5x zoom. I guess, as slipe mentioned, you can use digital zoom between the super wide lens and the wide angle of the other lens. That, to me isn't the same as a true 5x optical zoom. The 23mm lens is fixed, so there has to be a certain distance range where things are in focus, and outside that range, they are not. I don't know what that range might be. I would imagine there has to be a certain amount of distortion there. So, if 23mm is too wide, the next step is 39mm, with nothing in between (except for digital zoom). I wouldn't imagine this cam is very good in low light, either. Not to burst your bubble, beigewill, but you did say the cam must work well in low light. Maybe you should rethink your position on attachment lenses.

the Hun

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